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Giddens does DC

Giddens returns from the Cap Classic still enthusiastic over meeting one of his idols. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

J.R. Giddens returned from almost a full week in Washington DC with plenty of stories to share. Giddens joined other elite prep players for the Jordan Capital Classic which was played on Thursday.

During the game Giddens showcased a little dunking ability and also had the unenviable task of trying to defend LeBron James.

"I got to guard LeBron a little," said Giddens. "I think I did okay. He got a few moves on me. That fade away – wow. He didn't do that in scrimmage!"

The actual game was only one piece of the experience. A string of celebrities peppered the week, but Giddens was most interested in the legend himself.

"The best thing was meeting Mr. Jordan," said J.R. excitedly. "How many kids grow up and get to meet their hero, someone who inspired them?"

"I asked him which shoes were his favorite. He said that each year the new pair is even better because of the technology, so each time he has a new favorite."

Michael Jordan also entertained with stories, many which left an impression on J.R.

"He told us about how he went to the USA camp just to see everyone's practice habits and compare them to his own. He wanted to be sure he was working the hardest of anyone out there."

Giddens reported the week was filled with a trip to the capital, the Hard Rock Café, and eating at Michael Jordan's restaurant.

"ESPN Zone was cool," said Giddens. "We had these cards and got to play all the games."

The time was not entirely fun and games for J.R. though. The day after his arrival he was shocked to learn that Roy Williams had accepted the position and North Carolina.

Please check back tomorrow for Roy Reaction from Giddens.

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