Phog Profile: Kevin Langford

Keeping up with Little Langford.

Kevin Langford
6-7 BF/WF
Fort Worth (TX) Crowley

(04.16.03) Not at all modeled after his high-scoring WG brother Keith, Langford has improved but still needs more polish on offense. He does run the floor well, work hard on the offensive glass and stick short-range jumpers, but he isn't quite strong enough just yet in the post or skilled enough with the ball to move to the wing. But his progress is encouraging, and you have to like his workmanlike approach to competition.
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(02.16.03) However, the anticipated matchup between Milton and North Crowley 6-9 junior forward Kevin Langford never materialized. Langford scored eight points and had only one field goal.

(02.03.03) Michael Milton should spend some time working against North Crowley 6-9 junior forward Kevin Langford. Both Milton and Langford (18.1 ppg,7.1 rpg) are among the area leadersin scoring and rebounding.
- Dallas News

(11.11.02) Ranked the #35 best front court prospect by Brick Oetinger and PrepStars.

(09.12.02) Ranked #49 by Fox Sports. He's already taller than big brother Keith (University of Kansas). And you can safely assume he's been on the Jayhawks' radar screen for a while.
- Fox Sports

(07.24.02) Keith's younger brother looks to be a talent in his own right. Langford is tall and lanky, but not painfully thin like some of his peers. He's got a nice jump shot with range, is active on the floor, and is a solid all-around player. He has a wicked hitch in his free throw, but it's nothing that a little coaching can't solve - after all, he's still just a rising junior.
- Jeff Markman,

(05.29.02) The brother of Kansas wing Keith, Langford is a slender insider who just now is beginning to grow into his game. He hasn't put it all together just yet, because he's still adjusting to his height and needs muscle, but he did hit a couple of medium-range jumpers and run the floor well. He's one to keep an eye on.
- Rob Harrington, Prepstars (Premium)

(05.16.02) "Out of respect for Roy, we would not consider any other Big 12 schools. We have made that known to Missouri, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Iowa State. Roy would have to leave KU for us to give consideration to another Big 12 school."
- Charlene Taylor, mother

(04.01.02) Named Newcomer of the Year in District 8 4A by Dallas News.

(01.10.02) Thanks to staggering performances by senior forward J.R. Duffey and sophomore forward Kevin Langford, the Panthers made short work of the wise birds.
- Joshua Star\r\r

(4.30.01) Team Texas also goes to war with three incredible athletes up front in 6\'6 Frosh Rell Porter from Pittsburgh (H.S.) TX, 6'7 Frosh Kevin Langford from Crowley (North Crowley) TX, and 6'6 Frosh Ryan Johnson from Dallas (Carter) TX. Johnson, who had 17 points in the championship game, is physically bigger and stronger than Porter and Langford. So he is the one who does the dirty work inside. Porter is a great talent, but he needs to develop physically or improve his perimeter skills. Langford, who has a tremendous wing span and is very active around the basket, is more multi-dimensional, which leads us to believe he has even more potential than his older brother, 6'4 Frosh Keith Langford from Crowley (North Crowley) TX, who signed with Kansas last fall.
- Houston Kingwood Classic Top Stories