Phog Profile: AJ Price

The New York point guard is at Nike this week. (updated 07.08.03)

A.J. Price
6'1 PG
Amityville (NY) High

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(07.08.03)Price threw down an And 1 Mix Tape-quality studder-step crossover at full speed that absolutely bolted FL guard Brandon Johnson to the floor.
- Rob Harrington, Prepstars Premium

(07.08.03)The 6-0 PG...can shoot and everyone recognizes that. But where he'll gain the most ground this week is by playing the way he did Monday night, focusing on his playmaking and making some picture-perfect dishes on the break. Of course, he still drilled a couple three-pointers and also scored on drives, but it was total contribution that made him such a dominant performer.
- Rob Harrington, Prepstars Premium

(06.30.03) Price is an outstanding shooter from the perimeter. College coaches want to see if he can take the ball to the rim with his dribble and finish properly. If Price convinces coaches and media he can be a balanced offensive player, it's likely Price will receive some votes for the McDonald's game.
- SPorting News

(05.25.03) Riverside Church guards A.J. Price and Keith Benjamin have carried their teammates a long way with their scoring exploits...Price has been money from three-point land all weekend.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(05.24.03) A.J. Price is easily one of the top shooters in the class of 2004 and he is still more of a WG than a true PG. He can play the PG slot, but he is a very offensive minded PG who is looking to get his first before dropping off nifty assists. He is very slender and his 6-1 listing might even be generous. I like him, but his backcourt partner Keith Benjamin from Mt. Vernon may end up the better player. Benjamin cited KU as a school that has been in contact recently and he has offers from Villanova, St. John's and Providence. Both Benjamin and Price are tough defenders, but Price can be pushed around.
- Eric Bossi, Premium board

(04.16.03) Boy, Price was awfully good this weekend. His play at Boo throws a wrench into the current hierarchy of guards in the junior class. Price has developed into a very good three-point shooter, who's deadly and smooth from any angle. He also has become quicker and has a stutter step move that leaves his man dangling in place as he rockets by. Price also proved he can score off the dribble and has a mid-range game, which is rarity in general, and was particularly hard to find at Boo Williams. In addition, he's a tough defender who racks up steals (he does get burned some in the process) and races the other way to start the break. He isn't very tall or strong and needs to expand his game as a playmaker, but he's another big-time player in the Class of 2004.
- Prepstars Premium

(04.15.03) Price, a quick playmaker and top perimeter marksman at Amityville (NY) High, has a top five consisting of some of the nation's best programs. While his list of schools may be subject to a little rotation, Price's presence in the Riverside Church backcourt is rock-solid. The 6-0 PG seemingly made all the right plays at Boo, and his improvement each year has been remarkable.
- Prepstars Premium

(04.13.03) A whirlwind basketball season may be over for A.J. Price, but a gathering storm looms. It's called the recruiting process, and it threatens to overwhelm Price, one of the nation's most highly touted junior guards, like a flash flood. The challenge is not to get swept away.


The 6-1 Price doesn't have the body NBA general managers covet. He doesn't possess the megawatt personality that made Fraser seem skyscraper-tall and endorsement-ready. But Price does have a jump shot tailored for the big time and a court sense no amount of coaching can cultivate. "He's a tremendous player when the game is on the line," Amityville coach Jack Agostino said. "That's a God- given talent."


Basketball never really ends for me," Price said. "Once the high school season is over, I play for [Harlem AAU team] Riverside Church. Recruiting is just another element. I try not to look at recruiting as pressure. Sometimes you want to get away from the game. But if you are a good player, it comes with the territory."

AJ Price is out of this world (

(03.16.03) As if he were a celebrity in the Hamptons, everything seemed to revolve around Amityville junior A.J. Price. Even as the guard took himself out of the game, walked to the end of the bench and buried his head in the garbage can, play stopped and the entire Glens Falls Civic Center focused its attention on his gut-wrenching display. For the second straight game, Price gulped down too much water and promptly threw it back up. Something about cold water doesn't agree with him, which is curious for someone with Price's cool-as-ice demeanor.


"I felt almost helpless," Price said. "I was sick and I needed to get it out of my system. But my team really needed me then, too." Price refused to let Amityville go down. He returned 30 seconds later and scored nine of his game-best 35 points to close out the Warriors' 65-59 win before a crowd of 3,500 at Glens Falls Civic Center. On a day when little else worked for the Warriors, aggressive defense and timely plays from Price were enough. Price had seven rebounds and four steals and hit six three-pointers. He converted 11 of 24 shots from the field, good for 46 percent; his teammates combined to shoot just 30 percent (11-for-37).

Ailing Price lifts Amityville,

(03.16.03) "He certainly makes good decisions," Amityville coach Jack Agostino said. "That's one quality of A.J.'s that stands above all the other players I've coached. He was so mentally prepared today. Great players have big games in big spots."

(04.01.02) Prior to his freshman year he was virtually unknown. In that summer he proved he could play with anybody in the class. In the 14u UDC championship his Riverside Team went up against Russell Robinson, Yata Gaines and Ronald Ramon's Gaucho squad. After this game it was tough to tell if anybody on the court was better then him. This year he burst on to the scene at Amityville, playing his best when the stage was biggest. Dropping in 20 plus points against, St. Ray's at the Dianne Brennan Invitational, Dematha at the MCI Center in DC, LeBron James and his St. Vincent team at a Christmas tourney including the game winning free throws and most recently against Peekskill in the State Public School Championship.

AJ is a lights out shooter who doesn't need much room to make you pay. He doesn't force anything and lets the game come to him. Whether it's a half court and fast paced offense AJ is able to thrive. His only weakness is something he has no control over, his size, at 5'11 he is undersized, but being just 15 years old he still has time to grow.
- Keith Mason, HS Hoops Top Stories