Big 12 Media Days: Baylor is live in Dallas for Big 12 Media Days, and as the interviews got rolling late Monday morning Baylor head coach Art Briles was one of the first at the microphone. We've got notes from his opening press conference.

- He's no different from any other player, coach or fan. If you like the game of football, it's an exciting time of year. They're pumped to get out there and see what can happen.

- He's not sure there is one opponent that's that much more dominating over another during a 10 year period. The stats may contradict that, but it is what it is. You're going to play everybody and see what happens.

- Robert Griffin's mobility has always been good. Last year there was some hesitation schematically and in terms of playcalling. This year, they know where he's at, they know what he can do on the field. There won't be any questions when they take the field Sept. 2.

- Doesn't know if they'll get Josh Gordon back this year. They're going to move forward, play and be good.

- Maybe he's different, but he doesn't worry about the Longhorn Network and what it might do for Texas recruiting at all. They're tough to recruit against anyway. They've been good for a while, and they've done a great job (recruiting) for a while. They've won a ton under Mack Brown, and that's fact. In recruiting, facts matter. If they can get the Longhorn Network up and running, more power to them. Top Stories