Big 12 Media Days: Oklahoma State

Following Baylor head coach Art Briles to the microphone was Oklahoma State head honcho Mike Gundy.

- He's very excited for the start of the season. Vacation is over and they're back at it. They've got a number of returning starters on offense that everyone is very aware of. They have a defense that has to grow up fast in the front seven. So for the most part they're very excited to get back to work.

- He doesn't worry about the Longhorn Network. He's got faith in their athletic director and in Dan Beebe, and they'll make the right decisions.

- New OC (Name?) doesn't have a lot of playcalling experience. When he was at Oklahoma State before, when Les Miles was the head coach, he worked with Gundy and helped with the playcalling. He's a smart, confident coach who has been around enough teams to make playcalls.

- His antennae went up when he started to hear about high school games being televised on the Big 12 Network. But they've just got so much else on their plate that he's not going to worry about it. There are others who will worry about it, and he'll trust them.

- He thinks the round robin schedule is going to help the league. There won't be any question as to who is the conference champ, or deserves to be in a conference championship game. Each team competing against each other will help stimulate rivalries - between OSU and Missouri for example. He's excited about it, and at the end of the season whoever has the best record will be the conference champ. It's going to help the league.

- There are a number of teams in the league that are competitive enough to win. Staying healthy and taking care of the football is important. But this league is very difficult, and because of the ability of offenses to score fast, defenses and special teams are hugely important. Top Stories