Big 12 Media Days: Missouri

Missouri's Gary Pinkel covered a lot of ground Monday morning, touching on everything from replacing Blaine Gabbert to the ever-present topic of the Longhorn Television Network.

- Every time he comes to this his personality kind of changes. The season is here and the intensity level cranks up. Like every coach in the country, he's excited about his season. The players have worked hard.

- James Franklin was the backup last year behind Blaine Gabbert and they got a chance to get him some playing time, which is a plus. He's a big athlete. Brad Smith is a leaner type athlete and an extreme athlete, whereas James has great movement, he can extend the play and do damage with his feet. They haven't had that since Brad left. There is always a transition when breaking in a new QB, but they have a plan in place and hopefully it will go well.

- Personality-wise, James and Brad Smith are a lot alike. They're not rah-rah guys. The greatest form of leadership you can do as a player is play well. Secondly, you mature as a young quarterback. The most important thing he can do is play well, and the team has embraced him. They have nine returning starters around him. It's the most experienced players they've ever had around a new quarterback. His suggestion would be, can those 9 players play at a higher level than they've played before? If they can do that, James Franklin is going to be fine. That's what he's concerned with.

- You'd like to think they're consistent at the QB position. They've been fortunate to have a lot of good quarterbacks. In this business, if you can have consistency of impact at that position - that's good.

- Sheldon Richardson is finishing a class right now. Didn't have much comment beyond that.

- He has no control over the Longhorn Network. It's a lack of common sense to think a University network could have high school games on their network. But he's got other things to be worrying about.

- You'd better bring it every week in the Big 12 with the new schedule. They've got a really, really tough conference now.

- Everyone wants to give the players more money, but how realistic is it? They're not professionals, so you can't give them paychecks. If you give one football player a stipend, then you have to give them to every student athlete at your school. The revenue sports pay for the other sports. It sounds great. He'd love to give his players more money. But it's just not very realistic. Top Stories