Big 12 Media Days: Texas

DALLAS - The last coach to meet with gathered press, Mack Brown of Texas also fielded the most questions - and with good reason. With Texas coming off a disappointing season and picked 5th in the 2011 pre-season poll, as well as the looming specter of the Longhorn Network, there was plenty to talk about.

- Most questions about this team possible since the 1998 season. They've gotta do a good job coaching this year. Gotta make good decisions, hard decision and make them work.

- The number one thing they want in a quarterback is leadership. They want somebody who can get the swagger back, and the other kids know will lead them to victory. Also gotta take care of the ball.

- You have to give credit to the regents at Texas, the president and DeLoss Dodds for pulling off a partnership with ESPN and college football. It was available to everybody, and they pulled it off. He never dreamed that it would happen. He's glad they have that advantage. Secondly, they can tell by the work that they've put in that it's not going to be an easy partnership. They're getting paid $300 million for access, but they're trying to figure out how much access they can give without damaging their competitive edge.

About the high school games, the way he understands it it would be more about games that would be on ESPN anyway. He doesn't think it will have any effect on recruiting, because most of the players are committed to Texas before their senior year. There's no question that the opportunity to show who you are on national TV, every practice, is a positive. He thinks the players who will be hurt if you don't show the HS games will be the HS coaches and players. They will be missing out on a valuable showcase. From a compliance standpoint, they'd never be able to dictate whose game gets aired.

- Don't think you can point to a player when they played as poorly as they did. You coach players not to turn the ball over, you coach players to play successfully. When you lose your confidence as a team, they don't play as well. Lose that intimidation factor. It's not fair to put the blame on Garrett Gilbert.

- The lowered expectations work in their favor. The press motivates them far more than the coaches can at times. The players are mad about being picked fifth in the league. Top Stories