Big 12 Media Days: Kansas

DALLAS - An optimistic and smiling Turner Gill took to the microphone late this morning at Big 12 Media Days, and during his time with reporters he touched on learning from last season, the new-look Big 12 and a possible youth movement taking place in Lawrence, Kan.

* I'm definitely excited about this football season. The second year when you get into a football program you're a little more comfortable because you know your team a little bit better - what they need to improve upon and what their strengths are. He's a little more at ease this year, because he knows what they need to do and how they need to go about it. The same applies to his coaching staff.

* He really feels good about their work ethic. In the winter off-season program and in spring football he's seen a better work ethic. The team has also gotten faster. If you have those two things, you have a chance to get things rolling in the right direction.

* He had an open mind about what to expect the first year at Kansas. During the interview process, he found out some things about the fragility of the team. He had a plan, he's been able to recruit, he's teaching men to succeed in football and in life. But he's excited about where they are today.

* It was a big decision to redshirt most of the 2010 freshmen class. He knew that 2-3 years down the road they'd be bigger, faster and stronger. That's part of the reason why he feels good about this coming season. They also bring in a huge freshman class, and this year they've got competition at every position, which wasn't something they had last year.

* The biggest thing he learned was how the team would respond to adversity. He needed to find out how the upper classmen would respond to help their teammates, then how much the coaches would need to get involved personally. Every group of players is unique, and that's the thing that took a little more time to learn - how to approach each player individually.

* The new scheduling format should breed more rivalries. He thinks it's going to be great for the entire conference. It's going to be great for the fans, the teams - everyone. You get the chance to know everyone a little bit better. He's excited about the situation and thinks it's going to be a long-term deal.

* He still expects many freshmen to see the field. How many, or what that exact number is, he's not sure. But he does know the incoming freshmen bring speed to the table. Top Stories