Orlando Eval Period Wrap: Young Guns

It wasn't just the 2012 class that impacted Orlando's July tournaments. Phog.net takes a look at what there is to offer for 2013 and beyond.

Julius Randle (2013) - Texas Titans – this is one big-time player and the bad news for the opposition is he's working harder and harder to improve an all-ready stellar skill set. There are few things as intimidating as Randle ripping down a board with his 6-9 frame and pounding it the length of the court where he'll finish with a thunderous dunk or find an open teammate. Randle draws double and triple teams at times and most of the time is adept at finding the open man. Think how tough a two-man game with Jones would be to guard. The one thing he needs to get back is his touch from the foul line because with his game he's going to draw more than his share of fouls. From a year ago he has definitely improved his body and looks like he grew a touch. The sky is the limit for the top prospect in the class of 2013.

Matt Jones (2013) – Texas Titans – An athletic, bonafide scorer and legitimate three-point threat. I'm not sure he shot it as well as he wanted at times but it never deters him from thinking the next one is going in. He finds ways to get inside the paint and makes opponents pay on the fast break when he is the finisher. He's got super long arms that help him finish in traffic and really could make him an outstanding defender with time.

Nerlens Noel (2013) – BABC – he is a tremendous shot blocker and yet he's not JUST a defensive force anymore. His offensive game is getting better. He may be streaky with his scoring and his shot but he showed an accurate hook shot in this tournament and what really impressed me was his ability to handle the ball and make solid passes. He ran a break a couple times and also looks like he could be a solid option at the foul line in a high post offense especially like the high low.

Aaron Harrison, Jr. (2013) – Houston Defenders – Both he and his brother are ranked amongst the top guards in the class and any coaching knowing if he gets one gets the other is getting a great deal with these two. Aaron showed his scoring ability during this tournament and did it from all areas of the floor. He can fill it up from three and has the confidence to take it when the game is on the line. Love how hard both these kids play. They are true competitors and never backed down from anyone proving it with a title win.

Andrew Harrison (2013) – Houston Defenders - Andrew took care of the distributing and ball-handling but also showed he can dish and that he knows how to get to the rim. . It's really hard to tell them apart by their games because both Harrison twins can do the same types of things but in this one Aaron was the primary scorer in most games. Size and fluidness make these two some of the best 2013 will have to offer hands down.

Derek Griffith (2013) – Houston Defenders – By far one of the best athletes this event had to offer. Jump out of the gym type athleticism and you wouldn't get sick of seeing this kid throw it down for your team. Griffin is 6-7 and top prospect in two sports (football and basketball).

Beejay Anya (2013) – Team Takeover – Another big, thick body in the lane and he knows how to use it. The DeMatha Catholic product can rebound, he can score inside, and though again he's not a super leaper, he can still block shots on the interior. He has the ability to dominate and if he played on a team that needed his services even more he'd put up even bigger numbers. Team Takeover has a lot of talent at every position but Anya's stock is on the rise.

Wayne Selden (2014) – BABC – an absolute stud athlete. You'll want to remember his name and keep an eye on his development. Did I mention how athletic he is? He is still developing and he already can hit threes and drive it strong. You will hear a lot more because his stock will be on the rise quickly.

Mickey Mitchell (2015) – Texas Titans – Watching Mickey play you'd never know he was heading into his high school freshman year when he's playing so comfortably against 17 year olds. Still had one of the best plays I saw all week with a reverse putback jam that had the crowd buzzing for quite awhile. He's an outstanding competitor, he can handle it, finish inside with his left hand and he can really elevate. He just has to curb his energy and make sure he's always in control. With the talent he's displaying already I have no doubt he'll figure it out. He's also the class's top football player and he's a quarterback. Chances are he'll have a decision to make when it comes time to pick a school. He does have a sports-oriented family and a BASKETBALL hoop in his house though. Think he truly loves the game and loves to compete. It will be a blast watching this kid develop over the next few years.

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