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Big Timers Lining Up

Alexander "Sasha" Kaun has managed to narrow his field to seven schools. The Florida Air Academy center will trim the list to five this summer but for now, he's got a working seven. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Other/110_pay.GIF">

Imagine coming to the United States from Tomsk, Siberia, and blossoming into one of the most highly regarded players in the Class of 2004. Well, for Alexander Kaun, that's exactly what happened.

According to his high school coach Aubin Goporo, the Florida Air Academy center is down to seven programs and they are some of the biggies.

Making the cut for Kaun's services were Michigan State, Michigan, Kansas, Duke, Florida, Georgetown and Florida State. Not too shabby. There's got to be a leader, right?

"He said they're all the same, no favorite one," Goporo said. "He just wants to know them better as coaches, people and a coaching staff."

In the last few weeks, the head coaches from each of these institutions ventured to Florida to meet with Kaun to begin the "getting to know you" process. But narrowing the field was tough.

"He says that they came down here and talked to them. They're all nice people and good coaches and he just feels a little bit comfortable with these certain schools. He says that he doesn't know much about them. That's why he wants to get to know these people and make his decision from there."

Goporo said that he urged Kaun to make his list shorter and the big fella trimmed it down on his own. "Basically, he didn't want to make his list today. I told him that people need to know so they can move on. I told him I needed a list from him. He told me it was very hard. But, somehow he needed to come up with the list."

The rest of the plan for deciding is simple. Kaun will travel the remainder of the spring with Team Florida. He'll play at the NBA Players Camp and also at Nike Camp. Then, sometime during the summer, he'll slice two of the schools from the list and then will visit the remaining five programs.

We'll have more on Sasha as the summer progresses. He's made such big strides with his game that he's a serious contender for all kinds of honors and should be considered one of the elite centers in the country right now.

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