Bahe saga reaches firm conclusion has been talking about the two sport athlete Nick Bahe for two years now. The rumor he may consider walking on first reared its head almost nine months ago. Yesterday it became official.

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(05.12.02) Backstreet Bahe: readers first heard about Nick Bahe after the Jayhawk Invitational, 2001. Ahh, what a difference a year makes.

At that time Eric Bossi ( and Jeremy Tiers ( tagged this two sport athlete as a sophomore to watch.

Since then Nick has with hitting 91% FT, 53% FG and 45% 3PT. Oh yeah, he also quarterbacked his football team to a state title. fringe elements have dubbed him "Backstreet Bahe" due to the numerous comparisions to Jeff Boschee - both in long range shooting and boy band good looks. (Though a few people have begged us to "stop calling him that!")

But is he a potential Jayhawk?


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"Anybody that's a basketball fan and knows what good basketball is ... you've got to love Kansas and how they play and how the players carry themselves on the court. I'd say it's every kid's dream to play at a school like Kansas.

"For me it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," added Bahe, named all-state in basketball the past two seasons.

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