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JR Giddens Q & A

JR talks about Coach Self, Kansas, and the fans - plus his hair and his 43 inch vertical. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

Giddens answered fan questions over the phone and his answers were posted in the chat room. This chat transcript has been edited for clarity and length. The content remains the same.

JR Giddens says Hello, thanks for coming to this chat.

WsoxShuf says JR in the McDonalds game you did lots of yelling, are you that intense always?

JR Giddens says Yes, when I am really into the game. It helps me play, it helps me play a lot.

WsoxShuf says wonderful

WsoxShuf says I love it

Jayhawkmom says JR - saw you at a game at Allen last year - you're a sharp dresser, child.

JR Giddens says I dress to impress I guess.

Obiwonjacoby says Do you consider yourself more of a guard or perhaps a small forward?

FearRaef says how do you see yourself fitting into this team offensively?

JR Giddens says I think I can help us out because I am going to be a shooter. When Kansas was in a shooting slump in the tournament, I think I could have hit a couple of big shots and helped us on the way.

Gojhwks1988 says JR- when do you make the big move to Lawrence?

JR Giddens says I think I am moving May 31st.

WsoxShuf says JR all I can say is Lawrence will be so good to you, very good to you.

krazyeyes says Man ,you really gave Lebron a run in the Slam Dunk contest. How bad did you want to beat him?

Obiwonjacoby says I was so hoping you would beat Lebron in the dunk contest... you looked great!

JR Giddens says If my foot was healed I think I would have won that contest – easily

Obiwonjacoby says sweet

SweetDaddyJ says JR Have you talked to Charlie Villanueva and would you welcome him to the team?

JR Giddens says I tried to call Charlie numerous times, but he never picked up his phone.

Jayhawkmom says Haa haa

GAPeachHawk says lol

JR Giddens says Yes, I want him to come to Kansas. It would make us a better team.

Obiwonjacoby says Did you meet him at the McDonald's game?

JR Giddens says I met Charlie, he seems like the type of guy that would fit the Kansas program.

WsoxShuf says JR can you tell us what you think of the incoming recruits, the style of play

JR Giddens says I think we all fit the style of Kansas, all of us new recruits.

FearRaef says JR - What impressed you the most about Coach Self?

JR Giddens says I think Coach Self related to players a little better. He is younger, for one. I got a really good impression when he came to my house.

JR Giddens says I am excited to play for him.

CousinEddie says JR - who would win in a fight...a silverbacked gorilla or a rhino?

SweetDaddyJ says JR with all those long bombs you hit in the McDonalds game, who would win in a game of Horse between you and Jeremy Case?

JR Giddens says I think I will have to go with myself - but Jeremy is a great shooter.

JR Giddens says I will go with the silverback too.

Obiwonjacoby says You sure? You were nailing NBA threes in the McD's game

WsoxShuf says which players do the best job of recruiting, showing you around campus

JR Giddens says Aaron Miles, Keith Langford, Wayne Simien and Mike Lee.

Chat Admin says J.R., how is the foot, man?

JR Giddens says The foot is good. I am taking off from the free throw line again.

Obiwonjacoby says Sweet! :)

Obiwonjacoby says JR- have you spoken to Darnell Jackson about KU?

KUcheer says Any idea what you want to do after your [long and lucrative] basketball career is over?

CousinEddie says JR - are you familiar with the Phog Phanatics? Do they frighten you?

JR Giddens says I spoke to Darnell the other day at his game. He is doing good. We are supposed to go out and hang out this weekend.

JR Giddens says I like the Phanatics. That is a devoted fan.

SweetDaddyJ says JR did you make it to New Orleans for the Final Four? I know DPadge was there

Chat Admin says JR, will you be taking summer classes in Lawrence?

JR Giddens says I will be taking summer classes.

JR Giddens says But no, I didn't make it to the Final Four unfortunately.

SweetDaddyJ says its ok, you'll be playing in it next year

ssmith says You'll get to go next year!

krazyeyes says JR, what are your thoughts on playing in the Big XXII? How big will it be to play against your home state teams like OU and OSU?

JR Giddens says I'm looking forward to playing OU and OSU. I think I'll have a lot of fan support at the games.

FearRaef says JR - Not to drudge up the past, but how are you going to handle going on the road and listening to the fans (ie the Antlers at Misery) razz you about the incident at walmart. For the record, I'm 100% behind you man.

JR Giddens says I like it when fans razz me. It just pumps me up and makes me want to play more.

FearRaef says nice

FearRaef says good answer

WsoxShuf says well done jr

Chat Admin says If that's the case, JR. You should average a triple-double at Mizzou.

JR Giddens says If they do, it is bad for them because it gets me going. After a victory I will be sure to hold up my Jayhawk jersey to the Mizzou fans.

SweetDaddyJ says Who would you like to see KU sign for the recruiting class of 2004?

JR Giddens says I hope to see Darnell Jackson, Clint Stewart.

Obiwonjacoby says I can't wait to see you beat up Missouri every year.

CousinEddie says JR - Does Jeremy case have the skills to get some minutes next year? Do you play him instead of Lee? Nash?

WsoxShuf says JR would you trade Kevin Garnett for Jay Williams/Jalen Rose

JR Giddens says I wouldn't trade Kevin Garnett for the world.

WsoxShuf says i hope your wrong jr we need him in chi town

JR Giddens says I am not sure who I would play of Jeremy, Nash and Lee

JR Giddens says I love Kansas very much.

WsoxShuf says JR what NBA player would you compare your game to?

JR Giddens says I would try to compare my game to Tracy Mcgrady. He is the man in the NBA and I try to be better then the best.

Obiwonjacoby says JR- are you looking forward to playing Allen Fieldhouse every night?

JR Giddens says Kansas fans are the best.

JR Giddens says Kansas has a great fan atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to play in AFH?

Jayhawkmom says Well, there have been a few who've turned us down . . .

Chat Admin says JR, are you talking to Coach Self regularly, and if so, could you tell us about your relationship with him and his staff?

FearRaef says JR - what was the reason you chose KU over the others, ie OU/OSU

JR Giddens says I chose Kansas because I felt my heart was there.

MalandMo says JR - Do you think the style of play will change much under coach Self?

JR Giddens says I think we are starting to get comfortable with each other. I have not talked much to the assistants, but when I have they seem very cool.

JR Giddens says Style of play will change, but if you are a true basketball player you can adjust to any playing style.

WsoxShuf says who you living with next year jr

KUcheer says Do you think the addition of Villanueva would hurt team chemistry?

JR Giddens says Villanueva would not hurt. We are all learning to play together anyway. I will be living with Jeremy.

FreddieKrueger says JR - What do you know about Ben Miller? Will he be the third asst. coach next season?

JR Giddens says I don't know where he'll be, but I just glad he is staying.

Jayhawkmom says How old were you when you started playing basketball?

JR Giddens says I had a Fisher Price goal at four.

Jayhawkmom says Hee

GAPeachHawk says could you slam dunk at 4?

WsoxShuf says yeah me too where is my talent

JR Giddens says Basketball was the first word I learned how to spell.

JR Giddens says I could slam it on that low goal too.

SweetDaddyJ says JR who was the first school to offer you a scholarship?

LeBron says JR, are you going to miss high jumping?

JR Giddens says I will miss that. When I played in the McDonalds game I forfeited the chance to compete this year. I wanted to win State in high jump.

JR Giddens says Colorado was the first to offer.

Obiwonjacoby says JR- have you seen any of next year's schedule yet? Any teams you're looking forward to playing?

krazyeyes says JR, do you think you could have slowed Carmello down? I was thinking how awesome it would have been to have you playing in that game.

JR Giddens says I would I could played in that Syracuse game and hit a couple of big threes.

Chat Admin says JR, have you measured your vertical lately, and would you care to share?

JR Giddens says My vertical is 43, on its way to 45

Chat Admin says OMG

Obiwonjacoby says awesome

krazyeyes says That's what I'm talking about.

Gojhwks1988 says confidence--- I like that JR!

KUcheer says wow

JR Giddens says I am looking forward to playing Colorado so I can match up with Keith Smith.

JR Giddens says Keith is my friend.

Obiwonjacoby says You're going to get revenge for us after we lost in boulder last year?

SweetDaddyJ says JR - do you prefer to shoot 3s, or do you like to slash to the basket and dish or finish?

ssmith says JR, what area of your game do you feel could use the most improvement?

JR Giddens says My ball handling and defense.

JR Giddens says I'm like Magic, I like to do a little bit of everything.

SweetDaddyJ says Magic Giddens

FearRaef says JR - do you talk mess during a game?

JR Giddens says Talk mess? Well, I extend a great conversation with other players on the court.

leonhawk says outside of bball what are you looking forward to most about being at KU?

JR Giddens says Hanging with the Kansas fans of course.

Obiwonjacoby says Sweet!

FearRaef says bs. you're looking forward to the ladies. dont lie

WsoxShuf says the fans will be very nice, especially those fine ladies

ssmith says Any nicknames from high school that we might need to carry over to your days as a Jayhawk?

JR Giddens says No comment on the ladies.

Jayhawkmom says Wise man.

FearRaef says you will, TRUST ME

Obiwonjacoby says lol

KUcheer says not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

JR Giddens says No either nicknames really.

LeBron says JR, can you share anything that Coach Self said when he came to "re-recruit" you???

Chat Admin says JR, how is your mom doing? Will we be seeing a lot of her in Lawrence?

LeBron says Will "JRM" start popping up all over Phog.net???

JR Giddens says He said he was looking forward to coaching me. He said Kansas was the place I needed to be.

JR Giddens says Mom and dad are fine. Mom is looking at the chat right now.

FreddieKrueger says JR, Have you decided on a major at KU?

JR Giddens says Broadcast communications

WsoxShuf says very nice

FreddieKrueger says nice

WsoxShuf says Remember the name Scott Harris - coms teacher

WsoxShuf says you'll love him

Obiwonjacoby says JR- Have you seen the students camping for games? You looking forward to mingling with them?

JR Giddens says I love that. I will mingle with them before every home game.

LeBron says JR, talk about your hair...now that you're in college, will you ever experiment (bald, fade, fro, etc...)???

SweetDaddyJ says JR - Do you have any guesses on the starting lineup for next season?

JR Giddens says I got the curls for the girls.

GAPeachHawk says LOL

Jayhawkmom says lol

FearRaef says told ya

krazyeyes says What position do you see yourself playing next year? The 2 or the 3?

SweetDaddyJ says Do you consider yourself a pretty boy?

JR Giddens says I have no guesses, I am just hoping to be on it and working hard every day to try and get there.

WsoxShuf says jr do you like vitale, or do you agree that he talks a bunch of bs

LeBron says What clothing style will you implement (socks hi or low, headbands, wristbands, t-shirts underneath, etc...)???

JR Giddens says The 2

JR Giddens says No, just concerned about my hair.

JR Giddens says High socks and headbands.

MalandMo says saweet

FearRaef says what # will you be

GAPeachHawk says Please don't shave your head like Drew Gooden has done. Please!

krazyeyes says Kind of like Drew?

KUAlum whispers Don't forget the underwear

JR Giddens says And I will wear tights...not boxers or briefs. :)

JR Giddens says #15

Obiwonjacoby says lol

Gojhwks1988 says LOL

GAPeachHawk says tights?

GAPeachHawk says alrighty then

KUcheer says a cape?

JR Giddens says Athletic tights..you know

LeBron says Boo-yeah...how about playing weight. Do the coaches want you to put on a lot of muscle, or play around your current size?

FearRaef says i think you should bust out the arm sock like AI

Obiwonjacoby says You looking forward to the alley-oop passes from Aaron Miles?

JR Giddens says Very much so.

ssmith says JR, who is your favorite KU player all -time?

SweetDaddyJ says Everytime you dunk I will donate 5 dollars to a charity, so throw it down a lot next year big guy

Obiwonjacoby says JR- Self has mentioned that he likes to use a players one on one skills. Are you good at breaking your man down off the dribble?

JR Giddens says I have picked up 15 pounds. I've gone from 185 to 200 since the McD game

JR Giddens says Paul Pierce if my favorite Ku player of all time.

JR Giddens says That is my favorite part of the game right there. One on one.

Obiwonjacoby says hopefully you'll be Paul Pierce part 2 :)

kjhawk33 says Have you met the other recruits. If so which one do you think will contribute right away.

WsoxShuf says have you ever talked to paullie pierce

Obiwonjacoby says Man, you're going to be perfect for Self's style of play

FearRaef says most

Gojhwks1988 says JR how do you feel about Phog.net and the almost worship of KU hoops?

JR Giddens says That is one of the main reasons I stayed at Kansas. I really appreciated the Phog love thread.

Obiwonjacoby says that's very cool

FearRaef says JR - what would you say is the aspect of your game that you need to improve on the most?

GAPeachHawk says lol.....Tommy and his love threads

KUcheer says sweet. Raef - he said earlier ballhandling and defense.

FearRaef says sorry

Chat Admin says Nice, JR

SweetDaddyJ says Do you think you will have any trouble getting your shot off, since you have a low release?

JR Giddens says David Padgett mainly, but all of them really will contribute. And yes, I have met them all.

Obiwonjacoby says I'll never criticize your love threads again, Tom

Obiwonjacoby says lol

JR Giddens says I don't have a low release, I release at the top of my jump.

Jayhawkmom says We'll have to start and official "love thread love thread."

JR Giddens says I know my shot is funny, but it is money.

MalandMo says $$$$$$

Obiwonjacoby says Did Oklahoma recruit you pretty hard? What's your opinion of Coach Sampson?

ssmith says Have coaches tried to change your shot a lot growing up?

JR Giddens says Yes, yes, yes. Oklahoma recruited me hard.

FearRaef says i like this kid's attitude. keith and jr will be freakin quote machines

JR Giddens says No, coaches have not tried to change it.

KUcheer says We suspect Roy liked to "fix" funny shooting styles, but we don't know about Self yet. I say, if it works, stick with it.

LeBron says JR: Keep it rizzee fo shizzee

KUAlum says Couple more questions?

Obiwonjacoby says JR- any skits planned for Late Night yet?

JR Giddens says No, just get ready to see me dance and act goofy.

Plisskin says How about a musical number, B2K perhaps? :)

WsoxShuf says JR whets your favorite ps2 game

JR Giddens says I don't play play station - I work on my real life game.

Jayhawkmom says I have an 8 year old girl who loves basketball - what should she work on the most at this age?

Jayhawkmom says She's pretty tall

WsoxShuf says i like that one good answer

kjhawk33 says We are all looking forward to seeing you play. Good luck! Enjoy the ride.

JR Giddens says Her fundamentals. Doing everything right.

FearRaef says thanks for stopping by JR.

JR Giddens says Best of luck to her.

Jayhawkmom says Thanks.

KUcheer says Thanks JR!

uponthehill says JR- Listen for us...we're at the end of the tunnel! Good Luck!

ssmith says JR, you're going to love it here.

JR Giddens says Thanks for showing up to chat with me.

Chat Admin says JR, on behalf of all of your fans on Phog.net, thanks for coming today

GAPeachHawk says Thanks JR

Obiwonjacoby says Thanks, JR!

Plisskin says Thanks JR

ssmith says nice

Gojhwks1988 says THanks to you JR see you Lawrence soon

leonhawk says gracias!!!

JR Giddens says I love Kansas as much as Kansas loves me.

KUHoops7 says Thanks JR, look forward to watching you play

rockchalkgirl says Thanks JR.

WsoxShuf says keep that curly hair pretty

Jayhawkmom says October can't get here soon enough for me.

JR Giddens has logged out

MalandMo says JR --- ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK........KU

Obiwonjacoby says I love JR....

Gojhwks1988 says wow

Chat Admin says ...and thanks to all of you phoggies for participating. Great questions.

krazyeyes says Attitude!

WsoxShuf says only phog.net can hook us up like that

Gojhwks1988 says That kid is something else!

WsoxShuf says thank phog staff

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