Giddens Chat: Excerpt

Giddens talk about his injured foot and the Phog Phanatics.

Giddens answered fan questions over the phone and his answers were posted in the chat room. Premium subscribers can view the entire transcript.

Chat Admin says J.R., how is the foot, man?

JR Giddens says The foot is good. I am taking off from the free throw line again.

Obiwonjacoby says Sweet! :)

Obiwonjacoby says JR- have you spoken to Darnell Jackson about KU?

CousinEddie says JR - are you familiar with the Phog Phanatics? Do they frighten you?

JR Giddens says I spoke to Darnell the other day at his game. He is doing good. We are supposed to go out and hang out this weekend.

JR Giddens says I like the Phanatics. That is a devoted fan.

SweetDaddyJ says JR did you make it to New Orleans for the Final Four? I know DPadge was there

Chat Admin says JR, will you be taking summer classes in Lawrence?

JR Giddens says I will be taking summer classes.

JR Giddens says But no, I didn't make it to the Final Four unfortunately.

SweetDaddyJ says its ok, you'll be playing in it next year

ssmith says You'll get to go next year! Top Stories