Phog Profile: Brandon Rush

The KC area player has reclassified to the Class of 2005 and is expected to transfer to Oak Hill.

"I don't want people to judge me just because of my name." - Brandon Rush

Brandon Rush
6'6 WF
Westpost (KS)

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(05.25.03) Speaking of dunks, you just know that Howard Pulley Blue wing Brandon Rush had his fair share. Rush finished out his weekend with 16 points and seven boards against the Jackson Tigers and 20 and 11, plus six blocks against the Tallahassee Wildcats.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(05.22.03) Everybody knows about his virtually unmatched athleticism, but Rush is more than just an athlete and is a highly entertaining player when he puts it all together like he did for more extended stretches in St. Louis. He can be a dangerous ball-handler with the ability to snap people on crossovers and he is an increasingly dangerous jump shooter. His instincts are good and he blocks a lot of shots from the weak side. He must develop a better feel on the offensive end, and even though he is playing hard more often, he will continue to have his intensity questioned until he brings maximum effort during every game.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(11.11.02) Older brothers JaRon (ex-UCLA) and Kareem (ex-Missouri) were McDonald's All-Americans, and smooth Brandon might be, too.
- Brick Oettinger, Junior Frontcourtmen

(05.29.02) Playing with Howard Pulley, Rush cemented his spot as one of the top wings in the country. What is most impressive is how much more aggressive and consistent he has become in the past few months. Rush uses his long arms and explosive leaping ability to throw down dunks and makes blocks that legends are made of on a regular basis, but is developing into an all-around player. Sometimes puts his head down and runs people over, and he will have to be more consistent from outside, but this kid is the real deal and might be 6-8 or 6-9 by the time he finishes growing.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(05.28.02) Count Sunday in Bloomington as the 6-6 Rush's announcement to the basketball world that he is a force to be reckoned with. As usual, he threw down some of his patented "did you see what he just did?" bashes. Rush also hung defenders on his crossover dribble, and just when people asked if he could do it from the perimeter he stepped out and drilled a few treys. By the time he was done, Rush recorded a triple double of 21 points, 11 blocks, and 10 rebounds.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(05.26.02) The Howard Pulley Panthers rolled into Bloomington with a surprise addition to their roster, as 6-6 super soph Brandon Rush has joined the Pulley bunch in Bloomington.
- Eric Bossi

(05.21.02) Each week that passes by sees Brandon carve out his own niche as a player more and more. While the "Kareem and JaRon's brother" chatter won't ever completely die down, Rush has the skills and ability to one day have people looking at Kareem and JaRon asking if they are his brothers. He continues to get better and better from the perimeter, is still more athletic than should be allowed, and if you bring it to the paint you had better go strong or he will pin your feeble attempt at scoring on the backboard like a report card on a refrigerator. Has even been seeing some time at the point and is very capable for stretches. He can dominate whenever he wants and just needs to develop a desire to embarrass opponents more often.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(05.16.02)Prepstars ranks Rush #17 in his class.

(05.09.02) Big-time athlete. Jumps out of the gym like no one we've seen in the sophomore class. Attacks the rim with out regard for his opponent's well being. Thrives in transition. Developing skills off the bounce. Average ball handler. Excellent rebounder who draws fouls and shoots it well from the charity stripe. Scored 26 points against Howard Pulley 2. Elite high major prospect.
- Jeremy Tiers,

(05.08.02)The sky is the limit for this kid if he can figure out how to put it all together. Rush is blessed with solid ball handling ability, a decent shot and exceptional athleticism. That being said, he goes through extended periods where he seems at a loss to figure out how to best use his talents. Showed a tendency to charge into defensive traffic in the lane without much of a plan?resulting in turnovers. \r\r

However, just when you get ready to pooh pooh him as a player, he?ll do something like snatch a defensive board and take it coast to coast and finish with a powerful throw-down. Once this kid learns his locker combination so-to-speak, he?ll have the ability to be consistently dominant. The good news is that he still has two more years of high school to figure it out. My mixed reviews of Rush may be slanted by the fact that I was not present for his 20 something point performance in his opening game on Friday night.
- GatorHoops

(05.07.01) Brandon has gotten more and more focused each time he takes the court. Has the ability to dominate the game on both ends of the court and is becoming increasingly comfortable and adept at shaking up defenders from the wing and dunking on them. Shoots more of a set shot than a true jumper, but it looks better on a weekly basis. The keys are going to remain adding bulk and staying intense on the court at all times, as he still has a tendency to coast for periods. Has an early list of Missouri, Kansas, and UCLA, and also told us that he likes Duke.
-Eric Bossi, PrepStars (Premium)

(04.08.02)Two words: Brandon Rush. Three more: He's really good. Simple but true, as the 6-6 WF had a fantastic showing over the weekend. After biding his time on the blocks for his Kansas City (MO) Westport High team during the high school year, B Rush not only showed that he can play out on the wing when necessary, but that he's naturally suited to play there.

Blessed with cat-like quickness and the ability to change directions almost instantaneously, Rush can be a terror off the dribble in either open or halfcourt settings. He has incredibly long arms that allow him to keep the ball close to the ground and make his crossover that much tougher to defend. And he gets a lot of highlight jams and monster blocks, but the key this weekend was a locked-in jump shot. Yes, he needs to bulk up and become more consistent, but there is no denying that he is a potentially special talent.
- Eric Bossi, PrepStars (Premium)

(04.08.02) Westport's Michael Jefferson and Brandon Rush became the most entertaining duo at state. Unfortunately for the Tigers, they were so entertained that four players stood and watched the one with the ball work.
Kansas City Star

(03.09.02) Michael Jefferson led the team with 20 points and Brandon Rush, brother of Missouri forward Kareem Rush, added 17 points and 13 rebounds.
- News Tribune

(03.03.02) A third Rush brother, Brandon,is a sophomore at Kansas City'sWestport High School, which beat Warrensburg 79-51 Wednesday night to advance to the Class3A quarterfinals Saturday. Brandon Rush, who's also 6'6, led his team with 18 points.
- NWAOnline

(02.12.02) Brandon Rush, a sophomore at Westport (Kansas City, Mo.) and the younger brother of JaRon and Kareem Rush, finally played in his first high school basketball game last Tuesday. Rush scored 18 points to lead the Tigers to a 61-48 win over Lincoln Prep (Kansas City, Mo.). The younger Rush, who is a 6-foot-6 forward, is attending his third school in less than two years, and hasn't been eligible to play due to academic difficulties and transfer rules. "He looked really good," Westport coach Roy Copeland told the Kansas City Star. "We just wanted to see how he'd fit in and he fit in well. We knew he would. The kids were all pulling for him to get a chance." Westport moved to 15-4 with the win.
- Student Sports / Insiders

(02.06.02) He came off the bench midway through the first quarter for Westport, now 15-4. At one point he got a rebound and took it the length of the court before scoring on a two-handed dunk. "I didn't know I was going to do that," he said. "It just happened."
- News Tribune

(02.06.02)\rThe 6-6 WF didn't disappoint, scoring 18 points on a series of breathtaking drives to the cup in relatively limited action. Rush also grabbed several rebounds and blocked a handful of shots, but was most impressive handling the ball in the open court and making assaults at the rim from high above court level.
- Eric Bossi, Prepstars (Premium)

(02.06.02) Brandon Rush, the younger brother of JaRon and Kareem Rush, finally got on the court on Tuesday. The 6-6 forward, who is attending his third school, was finally declared eligible and scored a game-high 18 points in a 61-48 win over Lincoln Prep.
- Jeff Goodman, iHigh

(12.26.01) Brandon Rush, the younger brother of JaRon and Kareem Rush, has yet to play in a varsity high school basketball game. But it could come as early as next month. He missed last year due to grades and is ineligible this semester because he transferred from Kansas City Career Academy after the school closed down because of financial problems.

Rush will become eligible on Jan. 29 and look for him to become one of the hottest commodities in the sophomore class. The 6-6 swingman has great leaping ability and a quality mid-range game, according to recruiting analyst Eric Bossi, who has seen Rush play on numerous occasions.
- iHigh

(07.31.01) With players like Brandon Rush and Marcus Walker waiting in the wings, I am looking for basketball on all levels to experience a renaissance from St.Louis to Wichita in the next couple of years.
- Eric Bossi, Summer In Review

(06.15.01) Rush is 6-6 and lanky. The length of his arms would suggest that he is not done growing. He had a nice handle, good shot blocking instincts and dominated occasionally at both ends when he wanted to. In the game I watched, he took over the paint late in the game and was taking it strong for dunks, once slapping his elbows off the glass. He can get up, and he looked good on the wing slashing to the basket a couple times. If he gets stronger in his upper body and he can shoot the ball out on the floor, he would appear to be a future high D1 prospect.

(05.21.01) Brandon Rush continued his impressive Spring by controlling the boards and getting out in transition for strong finishes on the break.

(05.16.01)Kareem's younger brother looks destined for stardom. He's blessed with superb athletic ability, and yes he can jump out of the gym. Rush showed he can explode to the basket and finish the play, although a couple of times he was out of control. He also loves to play the intimidator on defense. In one game I watched he had at least 8 or 9 blocked shots. He makes a lot of freshman mistakes, but at his age good coaching can correct those. He should end up being a high-major prospect. An all-tournament selection.
- Jeremy Tiers,

(05.15.01) I said a star was born and it is time to give Brandon Rush his due. Over the last few weeks he has been utilizing more and more of his raw talent and his game has been coming together nicely. It all came together today. Brandon looked to be another level of athlete and took people to the basket off the dribble at will, DOMINATED the glass on both ends, and blocked several shots. Just for good measure he mixed in a few mid range jumpers and played physical. He is blessed with extremely long arms that suggest he'll add a few more inches to his 6?5 frame. Brandon really looks like he has been working hard on his game and there is no doubt he is blessed with the same talent his brothers have.

Let me repeat, he was very dominant. If a late zone implemented by the Nets hadn't confused Rocktown I am convinced Brandon would have won the game on his own. Am I making too much of today's game? Possibly, but I have been waiting for Brandon to show a true glimpse of what he is capable of and today he looked every bit the part of a top 25 type talent.
- Eric Bossi, Jayhawk Invitational

(05.14.01) 6'5 WF Brandon Rush from the class of 2004 played the best I have seen him play blocking in the neighborhood of 10 shots and running the floor very well. A big time athlete, the fun is about to begin again as KC braces for the next Rush.
- Eric Bossi, Jayhawk Invitational Top Stories