Recruiting Revs Up

Recruitniks rejoice! The recruiting season is in full swing with two major AAU tournaments over the holiday weekend. will have representation at both.

The Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions will take place May 23-25 in Chapel Hill North Carolina. Dave Telep will be lurking around this event which is held in his own backyard.

While one can never be exactly sure who will show up where, there are plenty of Kansas targets to go around.

Sean Singletary (The Playaz) and Corey Brewer (Tennesee Travelers) are two recruits Kansas fans will want to keep an eye on. Marcus Monk (Arkansas Hawks) should be at the TOC as well, but may not play due to injury. There was some confusion on where Jason Horton may be spending his weekend. Horton was planning to be in Bloomington with Team Texas, but was spotted on a plane headed for Chapel Hill. Horton will be playing with the Michigan Hurricanes this weekend. Other to note at the TOC include Joseph Jones.

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  • TOC Schedule's Eric Bossi will cover the Nike Memorial Day Classic May 24-26 in Bloomington, Indiana. Bossi will be reporting for Prepstars, but has promised some nuggets for the Phog Phaithful as well.

    From a Kansas perspective, this tournament may hold even more interest. Fans are eager to read more about Alexander Kaun (Team Florida). The St Louis Eagles features KU target Kalen Grimes along with Tommie Liddell. Darnell Jackson (Athletes First) and Malik Hairston (The Family)

    Others to note at Nike include Kevin Langford (Team Texas), Robert Vaden (Indiana Red), AJ Price (Riverside Church), and Brandon Rush (Howard Pulley).

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