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Singletary: See where it takes me

The name Sean Singletary has been popping up over the past few months, capturing several MVP honors. This 5'11 PG has become known for his quickness and defensive ability. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

"Singletary is the guy who is making some waves this spring. Right now he's injured somewhat. He's a character and academic kid," said Dave Telep, recruiting analyst. "The guy is on the rise. He's strong, he dunks and he passes well."

That injury is to Singletary's shoulder. He reports he bruised it badly some time ago.

"I am resting it for two weeks. I should be ready for the NBA player's camp," said Singletary.

That player's camp is held in Richmond, VA on June 17th-21st. Singletary also plans to attend the ABCD Adidas camp in New Jersey and several other national events with his AAU team, The Playaz.

"I think I bring leadership to a team and good offensive and defensive skills," said Singletary.

"I want to work on my overall consistency. I am trying to play well every day, every practice, every game."

Singletary is a two sport athlete and has attended three high schools in three years. He began at The Haverford School, a private college prep school with a focus on liberal arts.

"Haverford was my mom's idea. It was an all boy school and I guess she thought that would help me focus on my education. That is true. But it just wasn't a good fit for me," said Singletary.

"Next I went to Perkiomen. That was where my brother went to school. It was a boarding school and it helped me mature."

Perkiomen School is structured, coed prep school. It offers boarding and day school. From there Singletary transferred to Penn Charter, a private Quaker school buried in over 40 acres of countryside. Penn Charter boasts a commitment to developing each student's academic, artistic, and athletic ability.

"I will be there next year as well," said Singletary. "It is a great school. I was very happy to start there."

With all this experience with schools, Singletary has some ideas about what he will look for in a college as well.

"It needs to have good academics. I want to come into a good situation as a freshman. And I want to be surrounded by really good players that help me develop."

Virginia and Kansas top Singletary's list, though other schools have not been rules completely out.

"Virginia has been recruiting me for over a year. Academically, they are up there. I like the way they play and I like Coach Fuller a lot," said Singletary.

"Kansas and Coach Self have only been recruiting me about three weeks. I never heard from Roy Williams," said Singletary.

"The academics are pretty good and it would definitely be a great situation to come into," he added. "Larry Brown talked to me about Kansas at a NBA camp. He told me about the program, that it would be a great place and I should not overlook KU."

Singletary plans to visit both campuses and the family will make a decision. No timeline has been set.

"My ultimate goal is to play professional basketball. Right now I don't really have any short term goals – more like just expectations for myself," said Singletary.

"I want to go to college, get an education, play ball and see where it takes me."

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