Beckmann meets Weis

Like every player committed to the University of Kansas Class of 2012, Brian Beckmann was curious to see who the Jayhawks administration chose to succeed Turner Gill on Mount Oread. Sunday, after returning from his long-awaited official visit, he spoke with about the trip, and meeting new head coach Charlie Weis.

Brian Beckmann had been waiting for this official visit for a long time.

An avid fan of Kansas Jayhawks basketball, practically since he committed to the football program during the summer he set his sights on the weekend of Dec. 9 for his official. That's when the Jayhawks were scheduled to take on Ohio State on the hardwood, and he suspected Allen Fieldhouse would be rocking.

He wasn't disappointed, as the Old Barn was in top form during Saturday's double-digit victory, packed to the rafters and rocking.

"That was definitely Allen Fieldhouse at its best," Beckmann said. "It doesn't get any better than that. There were times when you could barely think because it was so loud."

Of course, there was business to be attended to as well. With the recent release of former Head Coach Turner Gill and the subsequent hiring of Charlie Weis late last week, Beckmann has had to get used to the idea of playing for coaching staff different than the one which recruited him.

During the weekend, he had the opportunity to speak with Weis on a couple of occasions, and came away impressed.

"He's definitely a pretty funny guy," Beckmann said. "Something that he kept telling us and reinforcing was that he'll be tough on everyone, but at the same time he cares a lot about the players. That was kind of the big message that kept being sent over and over, just to make sure we understood that."

The Beckmann family is a close-knit one. During the initial recruiting process, his parents - Bruce and Cathy - made sure he did his due diligence and gathered as much information as possible.

Though they haven't sat down with the sole purpose of discussing their opinions, the feeling Beckmann got from his parents was favorable.

"I think we kind of talked to each other throughout the visit, and I definitely got the impression that they definitely like Coach Weis," he said.

Now, like the rest of the Kansas fan base, they wait for him to fill out his coaching staff. As of now, however, Beckmann remains committed to Kansas.

"I still hope to meet whoever the offensive line coach will be soon," he said. "I know Coach Weis said he was going to get on that, so hopefully we'll get to meet him soon and just move on from there." Top Stories