Five-star wing down to a "solid three"

From a penultimate cut of nine schools, a solid three have formed in the mind of Forsyth (GA) Mary Persons star Brannen Greene and his family. The identity of those programs, however, is something they're playing close to the vest. But a decision is coming - soon - and Friday spoke with Jeffrey Greene, Brannen's father, about his son's recruitment.

There are some night when Jeffrey Greene has to ask his son to put the phone down and go to bed.

And it's not because he's chatting with his friends, or maybe a girlfriend, until late into the night. It's because he's answering the countless texts and interview requests he receives from the media.

Such is the life of Brannen Greene, a five-star basketball prospect in the Class of 2013.

"It can be a lot for me, and I know it's weighing on him, but he takes it," Jeffrey Greene said, of his son. "He's happy, content, energetic."

"But there has to come a point," he added. "Where a certain phase of his life will not be enjoyed if he's spending so much (time doing interviews)."

Fortunately, the process appears to be coming to an end for the 6-foot-5, 185-pound prospect from Forsyth (GA) Mary Persons High School.

During the summer, he and his family set a deadline for his decision - that they would have it done by the first of the year. It's a deadline to which they have firmly stuck and, in fact, may have accelerated the timeline a little bit.

Now, the elder Greene expects a decision to come before next Friday – and the list has been cut from nine down to three.

As to the identity of those three schools? That's one card the family is playing extremely close to the vest.

"We're keeping it private," Greene said. "We really are. Among those three, we've built some very wonderful relationships with them, and to pop for either one would make us just very, very happy."

They've certainly done their due diligence throughout the recruiting process, making visits and burning through notebooks compiling lists of pros and cons. One day, Brannen's list matches up with his father's. The next day it doesn't.

Things have reached the point where the discussions have gone beyond basketball and even beyond academics - which are very important to the highly-ranked junior.

"We feel like those answers have been met," Jeffrey Greene said. "He'll have a dad away from home, and is that person the right kind of person? My wife is intent on making sure that you marry a kid like him with the right kind of environment."

The Kansas Jayhawks have been one school long thought to be firmly in the mix for his services, and Jeffrey Greene confirmed Head Coach Bill Self and his staff have done an excellent job in their recruitment of his son.

"You kind of know when you meet a person, and you talk with a person, and you have some informal discussions and informal sit-downs and chats, what kind of a person they are," he said. "Is there a connection or not? And both Brannen and I feel really good about Coach (Joe) Dooley and Coach Self and Coach (Danny) Manning, and how the three of them have recruited us."

Greene is currently rated the No. 6 small forward and the No. 22 prospect overall in the Class of 2013. This week, Self made the trip to the Peach State to catch Greene in action, live and in person. Florida's Billy Donovan and Louisville's Rick Pitino were also in attendance.

Stay tuned to and for more as his recruitment enters the home stretch in the days ahead. Top Stories