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The graduation of the class of 2003 just might mark both the beginning and the end of an era in high school basketball. I can't quite bring myself to compare this year's consensus #1 pick LeBron James to Jesus Christ -- although LeBron's crossover may be better.

But there is little doubt that if LeBron added carpentry to his list of skills he would supplant Bob Villa as the most hyped builder since the Son of God himself.

Regardless of LeBron's ability to navigate a tool shed, he certainly changed the way the people on the inside and outside of the basketball world view high school hoops and it will likely never be the same. Maybe the innocence of the game was already lost, but any shreds of it seem to have left the building when the iced out King James walked out of Akron (OH) St. Vincent St. Mary's in a pair of Air Force One's with a diploma in one hand and a check for 90 mil from Nike in the other.

Without further adieu, I present to you my final top 100 for the class of 2003. Wth an eye for the future, I've also listed my pre-summer phat phifty from the class of 2004. As an added bonus, I've listed (but not ranked) 20 pups from the class of 2005 to keep an eye on.

As always, these are done for fun and are not intended to slight any person, school, or human interest group. I promise no animals were harmed in the creation of these lists. Please keep in mind that I won't rank somebody that I haven't ever seen play and that the list for the class of 2004 will likely undergo several changes by summer's end (in large part due to several players like Jordan Farmar, Glenn Davis and others who have significantly improved since I saw them last summer). Some players who were in the class of 2003 that will be heading to prep school's (i.e Lorenzo Wade) were left off as well.

Final 2003 Class Rankings
Phog Phat Phifty from 2004
Twenty to Watch in 2005

Compare and contrast!

Dave Telep's Final Top 100

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