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Omar Wilkes Q & A Summary

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Omar answered a number of questions about Roy Williams and the coaching change at Kansas.

1) Coach Self did not have to work hard to re-sell Kansas to Omar. Omar stated Coach Self just needed to introduce himself and his program, because he already knew how great Kansas was and was looking forward to being there.
2) Omar told the chatters he was very much looking forward to playing for Coach Self and was excited about the opportunity.
3) When asked "Who do you like better, Roy Williams or Bill Self?" Omar answered, "That is not really a fair question."
4) Omar did not feel Coach Williams was trying to recruit him or David away from Kansas and to North Carolina. He stated Coach Williams simply believed they should be able to break their LOI if they chose to, but reiterated he had no desire to do that.
5) Omar did speak with David shortly after learning Roy Williams would be leaving. Omar said he and David decided not to make and rash decisions and shared their disappointment. Omar felt they helped each other through that disappointment.

Omar was asked if he had a nickname. He said no and suggested that user come up with one for him.

Omar's favorite former Jayhawk is Paul Pierce. His favorite even former, former Jayhawk is Danny Manning. And okay, he also likes Wilt and Jo Jo. (At that point the rest of the room begged people not to ask the same questions over and over.)

When asked which Phog.net poster scared him the most, Omar replied "The one following JR and Jeremy around in Target."

Charlie Villanueva is a friend and former teammate of Omar's. However Omar had not yet heard of Charlie's UConn decision and expressed surprise. He stated, "It would have been good to have him, but we will be a great team anyway." Omar also said his expectations for his freshman year were "to be a big time contributor on a national championship team."

Omar wears boxers.

He will arrive in Lawrence on June 8th and is taking three classes this summer. He is considering a major in Economics or Communication.

When asked if he considered playing any other sports at KU, Omar revealed he was an amazing ping pong player. He was promptly challenged by a poster and Omar encouraged him to come find him for a game.

Omar was asked who his favorite current player was, another questions Omar deemed "unfair." He did say he talked to Aaron the most to which a poster commented Aaron Miles talks to everyone the most. Omar said, "Aaron has a lot of talking to do."

Omar said it was difficult to pinpoint one reason he selected KU but it was more a combination of the players, the coaching staff, and even the town of Lawrence that made him feel it was the right place for him. On his recruiting visit he recalls the players told him, "Once you commit to being a Jayhawk you are a Jayhawk for life." Omar stated if Howland had been at UCLA sooner it would not have effected his decision. However, he has a lot of respect for Ben Howland and believes he will be great for the UCLA program.

Omar is a Laker fan and grew up a UCLA fan. However, he said Kansas was always up there with the Dukes and the North Carolinas in his mind.

His father did not have much influence on Omar's decision but instead just offered support and let Omar find his own way. Omar does feel his brother Jordan will be a big time recruit, but he can still beat him in one on one. When asked if Jamaal Wilkes could still ball or can Omar take him, Omar replied "I don't think my dad has played since the eighties."

When asked what famous person he would compare his apperance to, Omar said he is most often told he looks like Usher or Justin Timberlake with a tan.

At one point Omar also stated he looked awesome in a two piece bikini.

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