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Singletary's AAU coach on decision

Jimmy Salmon coaches Sean Singletary's AAU team, Playaz Basketball. On Friday afternoon, he sat down with Phog.net and talked about Singletary's decision to play basketball at Virginia. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Other/110_pay.GIF">

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

Q: When do you think Sean made his decision?

A: Honestly I think he was leaning towards Kansas. I think he was just taken aback when recruiting started earlier this year when some big schools came in. He wasn't considered to be a top prospect early and then all of a sudden he had Kansas, UCLA and Kentucky and these people and I think he got kind of blown away by all the names and traditions of these schools. And then another one of our players on our team recently committed to Duke this week and I think that really got the ball rolling because in the past 3-4 days I've gotten calls from other guys on our team telling me they're ready to make their decision.

Q: So, was it just in the last 3-4 days that he started to lean more towards Virginia?

A: Yeah, kind of. He told me on Wednesday that he wasn't sure what he was going to do and he asked me, "What do you think?" I try my best, honestly, to not get involved and lead kids any way. But I asked him to make a list of the top 10 schools he would have liked a year ago and the only school that was on that list and was still on his list (this year) was Virginia. And when I saw that I said "Geez, you're list is down to NC State and Kansas and UCONN, but you didn't list them on your top 10 favorite list (from last year) the only one on here is Virginia." And I don't know whether or not that revealed something to him. I would hate it if that was his deciding thing, but I think it made him aware of the fact that he really didn't want to go that far away from home.

Q: So, do you think location was the biggest key for Viriginia or was it the fact that they were there the earliest?

A: I think location because on that pretend list he made up it included Rutgers, Villanova, Maryland, Seton Hall...all schools within driving distance from his parents and his family.

Q: What were his impressions of Kansas and Coach Self?

A: Yeah, I think he really liked Coach Self and Coach Roberts. I'm good friends with Norm and have known him for a while. Sean is lucky enough to live in Philadelphia. And we have two kids on our team that are kind of affilliated with the Philadelphia 76ers. One is the kid of their announcer, Gerald Henderson, the 76ers' color guy, the other is the son of the assistant coach Randy Ayers, and they're all very good friends so they get to go to practices and games. One day after practice Coach Brown worked them out and after the work out Coach Brown called Coach Self and said, "Listen there's a point guard here that's pretty talented and says he would like you guys to recruit him. I think you guys should get involved." And I think that got Kansas involved because Coach (Self) got the job relatively late.

Q: Just how good can Sean be at the college level?

A: Although I think he's a four year player I think he can potentially make it to the next level beyond that. He's a workaholic. He works out 3 times a day. Very low-maintainance kid, comes from a great family. I think the kid is a pro in waiting.

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