Recap: Bill Self Weekly Presser

Kansas head coach Bill Self met with the media Monday afternoon at Allen Fieldhouse, to talk about Saturday's tough loss to Missouri, the big upcoming road test with Baylor, his confidence in Tyshawn Taylor and a number of other topics. was on hand and, for those who missed it, has a summary of Coach Self's comments.

* Flopping has been a point of emphasis with officials - maybe not a serious one, but it has been talked about. They haven't had a ton of games where it has been a factor. At Illinois, he had one of the greatest all-time floppers in Lucas Johnson, but Self just called it "fake hustle." He fell down every possession.

* It's not that there's no place in the game for flopping, because sometimes guys do what they have to do. But for the most part officials have done a better job with that one particular area of the game.

* Self has never had a team where the starters have to play so many minutes - but that's just the way this team is going to have it. The thing that was disappointing to him about Saturday is that they forced themselves to play small because Jeff (Withey) wasn't a factor. Justin Wesley did a great job in his minutes - defended well and brought energy. Self thought the bench actually did a good job the other night, that Conner and Justin played well, but the reality is the starters are going to have to be ready to play 32-35 minutes a game.

* He's not sure why Jeff wasn't a factor. They wanted to throw it inside early and didn't, and that's not all on the bigs. But they were just a better team when they could play Thomas alone in the post. Missouri's match-up didn't take advantage of Kansas, but it's true vice versa as well.

* Part of the reason they weren't able to get it inside in the first half is because Missouri didn't guard Kansas on the perimeter the first 20 minutes. They packed it inside. The best way to open it up is to make a shot or two, which they did.

*This team is pretty tough, but he's glad they're not playing today. That would be a really quick turnaround after driving all night and not having practice Sunday. The guys will bounce back, and if they don't win Wednesday it won't be because of Saturday's game. One thing about kids, they have an easier time letting it go. There are other things to distract them. That's not true with coaches. They hold on to things.

* They made two bad plays - simple as that. Tyshawn missed two free throws and committed a charge. Other than that, offensively they didn't make any other bad plays down the stretch. It's not necessarily about closing. Sometimes guys just miss free throws, and defensively they had to get stops and just didn't. Credit Missouri because they made some great plays down the stretch and Denmon caught fire.

* He won't let this game go. He hasn't let the Davidson loss go either, but the difference is KU played well this game. They learned three things Saturday - Missouri is really good, KU has to close and KU is really good. Against Davidson, none of the positives were present. He's leaving Columbia thinking they have a chance to have a really good team.

* The home court environment in Waco should be really good. In the past, Kansas has had as many as 2,000 fans there, and he's not sure that will be possible now. But the raucous home crowd at Missouri didn't keep them from having an eight point lead with three minutes left. It's possible to play well in tough spots on the road.

* Tyshawn was great. If Self had it to do all over again, he'd want Ty on the free throw line more than anyone else. He likes that moment more than anyone else. He doesn't have anything bad to say, remotely, about Ty. He did make the two tough plays at the end, and Ty wishes he could have them back more than anyone. Self thinks the first half, Ty played so well he had a couple of bad possessions because he was feeling it too much. He should have run the play, and then tried to freelance. Those are the only things he can say negative at all about his game Saturday. He carried the team in the first half, and played great defense on Phil Pressey.

* Pierre Jackson really makes Baylor go. Yeah they're long and skilled at 3-4-5, but Jackson is one of the top perimeter players in the league. They could pack it in on Baylor if they didn't have perimeter threats. They need to do a better job on him than they did in Lawrence.

* He hasn't spoken with the team yet. These press conferences are always a day too soon, because he hasn't had the chance to talk with the team yet. They gave them the day off Sunday. But he'll talk with Withey and tell him he needs to be better this game - and Jeff will do it. Self believes bigs always play better against other bigs, rather than against small guys. You see that at every level of basketball.

* Baylor's best attribute is their level of play around the rim. That and they're great in transition. Top Stories