Moore ready to get to work

One of the surprises of National Signing Day for the Kansas Jayhawks, East Los Angeles College defensive back Nasir Moore is an intriguing blend of size and athleticism. After snagging six interceptions during the 2011 season - his first at corner - he's eager to begin his tutelage under new Kansas defensive coordinator Dave Campo.

It's probably safe to say East Los Angeles College didn't expect to be looking for help at cornerback, with the 2011 season only just underway.

Of course, it's also probably safe to say they didn't expect to get the caliber of help they got, either, thanks to sophomore Nasir Moore. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound athlete began the season as a wide receiver, but when the dust settled he had turned himself into one of the most promising defensive backs in California's talent-rich junior college system.

"Basically, I just felt like I could help the team out," Moore said. "Honestly, I wanted to play receiver and corner."

And he did,at least at first. However, once he began to excel at cornerback - he led the team with eight interceptions, and had a pick in his first game - he shifted his focus exclusively to that side of the ball, and college programs began to take notice.

Among them were the Kansas Jayhawks. Already recruiting Moore's teammate, offensive lineman Carlos Lozano, the staff began keeping tabs on the athletic defensive back as well.

As National Signing Day drew near, Kansas recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello ramped up the interest. How did Moore feel about the Jayhawks? What were the chances he'd be willing to make a decision by Signing Day? He did have other suitors, after all, including BYU and San Diego State.

The answer to both questions was, essentially, "really good." As a lifelong receiver just taking his first steps as a defensive back, he wanted to go somewhere he knew he would improve.

Enter defensive coordinator and cornerbacks coach Dave Campo, and his NFL track record with some of the top corners in the game.

"I know Coach Campo is a great secondary coach," Moore said. "And me and him talked, and he said they were going to get me right. That was the main thing. I just wanted to go somewhere I was going to get better."

Rather than wait it out until spring, which he was likely to do unless the Jayhawks extended an offer, he opted to ink his signature to a National Letter of Intent with Kansas last week.

At his Signing Day press conference, Head Coach Charlie Weis said they were intrigued by Moore's combination of size and speed.

"The one thing about Nasir is he's ever bit of 6-feet and change, 185 pounds," he explained. "He's a guy who runs really, really well. You sit there and put him on an island, and he's making play after play after play, which very much intrigued me."

With his future now secure, Moore is ready to get to work.

"My dad has been calling me today still, saying 'Has it sunk in yet? Are you still happy?'" Moore said, during an interview Thursday evening, 24 hours after Signing Day. "I'm just ready to hurry up and get there. I'm trying to hurry up and finish my classes and hurry up and get there. I'm ready to prove myself." Top Stories