Adidas Rose City Showcase observations

The eight team field for the prep tournament held in Portland included the Houston Superstars, Oakland Soldiers, Atlanta Celtics and Seattle Rotary Select. One fan had the opportunity to attend the games this weekend and share his thoughts.

Standard disclaimer: These are opinions and first hand observations of a fan. (Thanks Grace!) This is not evaluation by a recruiting analyst.

On Marvin Williams:

I have never seen a star high school player play as hard as this kid. You better come to play against him because he posts up hard, defends hard, rebounds hard, and does everything with intensity. It was very refreshing. Whoever said Danny Manning is right on, he is even shaped like him.

On Josh Heytvelt:

Thirty seconds into the game he abused some kids shot off the backboard. I thought they were going to stop the game and get a new ball, it sounded like a thunderclap. He is a great athlete and can really shoot the ball well. The second play was on offense where he spun baseline and came up on the other side of the rim and tomahawk one hand dunked on some kid. His elbow was about at the rim. I think at the right program he would be an absolute stud. He is long armed and athletic, just needs a dose of strength and aggressiveness.

On Brandon Rush:

Note to Bill Self: Please, please, please, recruit this guy! His shot was falling, he is incredibly athletic, by far the most exciting player at the event. He dunks on anyone and tosses shots left and right. He is the most active player on the glass and on defense. I love his game and he will make some coach a very happy man.

This event also included Tim Pierce, Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Marcus Williams, and others. For all the fan observations, and additional comments by analyst Eric Bossi, check out the thread in our premium forum

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