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NBA draft update

Comments from Kirk Hinrich and highlights from Justin Young's chat on Rock Chalk Sports Talk today. Young works for NBAdraft.net. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Other/110_pay.GIF">

Justin Young comments: On NBAdraft.net's prediction of Kirk Hinrich going to the Bucks at number 8

We've received some information that Milwaukee is pretty much letting Gary Payton go ahead and go the free agent route, and they're ready to pick up Kirk Hinrich with the 8th pick. That's based on information we've heard from inside the league and we feel that's a good situation for Kirk to step in and fill in for a good point guard in Sam Cassell who has had a good career and is now finishing up his NBA life.

We hear news all the time and this happened to be the hottest news, so we locked him in at 8. The funny thing about the draft is that things change overnight, but we feel pretty confident from our source that he'll be taken 8th which is pretty good information for Kirk.

On the Milwaukee Bucks possibly looking at Marquette 's Dwayne Wade.

That's a possibility. It depends on the direction that Milwaukee wants to take. If they feel that Sam Cassell is washed up and this draft is really the draft of point guards, and they can get somebody right there that can solidify they're future (they will).

But Dwayne Wade being the local guy is an intriguing pick.

He has the possibility of being picked by Chicago at 7, because there's been some talk about Chicago 's interest in Wade

I think right now the direction that Milwaukee wants to go based on Payton leaving and Cassell getting up there in age is that point guard is the way to go.

On Nick Collison and how his stock has been affected by recent workouts:

I think Nick is one of the best of America 's power forwards. Him and David West and certainly Mike Sweetney of Georgetown are the three guys that are looking to be the most ready for the NBA and I think Nick really has the ability to be the most ready out of any of the power forwards.

I think (he'll go) 16th right now for Boston who is in need of a guy like Collison – that's a hard worker, a blue collar guy who understands the X's and O's of basketball. I think he can come in for Boston, which is a pretty good pick because we've had him as high as 14 and as low the end of the first round – but I think 16 to Boston is the perfect situation.

I don't know that he would go any higher, maybe to Seattle who has 2 picks – 12 and 14 – I know that they've been looking at a lot of power forwards and working out a lot of guys.

I don't think he's hurt himself in any type of workouts just because he's so constant. He just does all the little things. Nothing really particularly too pretty, but he just understands the game so well, that I think fundamentally he'd be a tough guy to pass on since he'll score 15 points and grab 8 boards a game in the NBA.

BONUS: Kirk speaks

After addressing the campers at KU's basketball camp on Tuesday, Hinrich talked to reporters about next week's draft.

On how he can't wait for the waiting to end:

I'm just anxious and ready for it all to be over. It's quite a process flying all over the country for one day and leaving and going some where else. I'm just ready for it to be over and find out where I'm going to be at, everything's so much up in the air, it's just crazy.

On being so close to his lifelong dream:

You dream about this for a long time, you work for it...you get this close and then (read) what everyone's projecting. It's hard to do, it can be overwhelming, but you just have to stay grounded and realize what got you here and hopefully if I keep on doing what I'm doing I can have a great career.

On his recent workouts:

My last couple of workouts haven't been as good. I just haven't felt quite as energized, but I still think I did a lot of good things. I didn't have the bounce I think I had during the first few (workouts), but it is quite a process traveling all the time.

On overcoming stereotypes:

Every time you go in there you try to make a great impression. I think the biggest thing for me is try to work against the stereo types of being a white point guard. Every place I've been they've said they're basically surprised at how athletic I am.

KLWN's Jud Easterday contributed to this NBA draft update.

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