Kirk Hinrich: A Total Team Player

Kirk Hinrich talks to EA Sports about playing at Kansas, the draft, and NBA Live. Read the interview here first.

EA SPORTS: How did you get involved in doing this commercial, and is this your first experience doing a commercial?

Kirk Hinrich: My agent brought it to me and asked if I wanted to be in it, and I said "yeah, definitely." It's my first commercial or anything like that, and it's been fun. It's definitely been interesting.

EA SPORTS: Were you nervous going into this?

Kirk: I wasn't too nervous. I've been in front of cameras - not exactly for acting or commercials or anything like that, but for media - so I wasn't too nervous, I just wanted to try to have fun with it.

EA SPORTS: What was your college career like, playing for a big program like Kansas?

Kirk: It was a great experience. It was a basketball town, and I had a lot of success on the court and some good times off the court. I think that's what college is all about.

EA SPORTS: Can you describe what it's like playing for the national championship?

Kirk: It was a great experience, but obviously not as good as if we would have won it. But you still have some sort of sense of accomplishment, with back-to-back final fours and playing in the national championship game and having that opportunity - not a lot of people have that.

EA SPORTS: By staying in school all four years, do you think you helped your potential NBA career?

Kirk: The main thing is that I was in a good program, and I just know how to play. I know what it takes. I matured a lot over those years, and hopefully I can take that with me.

EA SPORTS: The team that drafts you - what are they going to get?

Kirk: They're going to get a hard worker, a competitor, and a guy that's going to come in and try to immediately help their team. A total team player who is very coachable and just cares about one thing, and that's winning.

EA SPORTS: What are some of your favorite video games?

Kirk: I like Tiger Woods, NBA Live, the Maddens... I like a lot of games. I don't have that much time to play a lot and play games a lot of times, but I do like to sit down and play.

EA SPORTS: You were in March Madness for several years just as a jersey number, and now you'll actually be in NBA Live 2004 - your name, your face, everything. What's that going to be like?

Kirk: It's going to be really cool. I thought it was cool in college, with March Madness and all the college games, but my name wasn't in there. It will be cool, especially doing this for EA, hopefully I'll get some other opportunities to do stuff like this.

Photos from commercial shoot.

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