Adams awaiting test scores

"What's the scoop with Anrio Adams?"It's the question to which every Kansas basketball fan wants an answer, a daily update. Will he qualify? Won't he? Will he make it to campus this summer, and officially join the recruiting Class of 2012?

The 6-foot-2, 175-pound guard from Seattle Rainier Beach isn't 100-percent certain himself - but he is optimistic.

"I'm waiting to hear," Anrio Adams said. "We turned (his grades) in (to the NCAA Clearinghouse) Friday, and I'm basically waiting for my (standardized test) scores. It takes a few weeks and that's basically what I'm waiting for now."

In the meantime, he has spoken with virtually every member of the Kansas staff - lead recruiter Kurtis Townsend, Head Coach Bill Self and even the recently-named Norm Roberts.

Adams believes his grades to be in order, as he took time off of AAU basketball last season to ensure that status, and has spent this year taking care of business.

Now he waits. At least one thing is certain, however, and that's the anticipation and excitement he feels for finally having the chance to don the Crimson and Blue.

"I know how to win," Adams said. "I love to win, and I'm trying to bring that to Lawrence." Top Stories