Recruiting Review (06.30.03)

A brief recap of the weeks events for the casual, non-obsessive fan. Coverage from Colorado Springs highlights the week.

The ones that got away:

On Friday Josh Heytvelt told Brian Hanni of Rock Chalk Sports Talk he had no timeline in mind for a commitment.

Hanni: Of your final four choices (Arizona, Kansas, Gonzaga and Oregon), do you have a favorite at this point?

Heytvelt: No, not really.

Hanni: When are you looking to make a decision. Is there a time table for getting this choice out of the way?

Heytvelt: Not really. I'm sort of debating. Do I wait till fall or decide before I go to Las Vegas or decide whenever one school just feels right -- I'm not sure when it'll be.

Hanni: How do you feel about Kansas?

Heytvelt: I like them a lot. I like the style that Kansas has been playing the past couple of years.

Hanni: How about the new coaching staff?

Heytvelt: They've had a lot of success and I like playing for winning coaches.

However, recruiting is a fickle business. On Monday, June 23rd, Heytvelt verballed to Gonzaga. Oops - scratch that full interview off our content calendar. Bye-bye Josh and good luck.

Realistic fans have accepted Marvin Williams is not to be a Jayhawk. It looks like Marvin will make it all official on July 4th. The Bremerton stand-out has scheduled a press conference to declare his choice. Of the few KU groupies still following the story, many can be found whispering in the corner. "Pick Washington. Pick Washington. Even Arizona. But not North Carolina. Please oh please, not North Carolina."

There, there my crimson ones. Time will ease your pain.

USA Developmental Basketball Festival recruiting analyst Eric Bossi has a whirlwind month ahead of him, and he kicked it off with a trip to Colorado Springs. His first reports rolled in late Friday night and it didn't stop till Sunday afternoon.

Dave Telep was also on hand, covering the event at a national level. Between the two of them generated enough reading material to satisfy even the most voracious recruiting junkie. For now.

Here is a recap of the coverage. All of these articles are premium, unless designated "free."

From EBoss:

From Davey Tee:

If that isn't enough, Prepstars subscribers can read EVEN MORE on the event. Rob Harrington was in attendance.

Harrington on Malik: "...instead using his quickness to attack the basket and pull up for smooth mid-range jumpers. Hairston's intermediate game is perhaps the one attribute that will get him on the floor earliest in college."

Harrington on Grimes: "Grimes used his power to bull inside and also hit some of his patented one-handed jump shots in the lane...the weekend marked steady improvement for Grimes."

Hairston powers North to upset

Harrington on Hairston, "Hairston is among the smoothest players in the senior class and also has a complete game for the wing guard spot."

Harrington on Grimes, "The head to head war between Dayshawn Wright and Kalen Grimes was tremendously entertaining. Both players are strong guys..."

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