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Kalen Grimes interview

After a brief appearance on Rock Chalk Sports Talk last week, Kalen returns for a full interview. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

Q: Tell us how your trip to Colorado Springs went?

Kalen Grimes: The Colorado Springs festival was a great learning experience with the top 43 players and every night you had to bring you're "A-game", because every player was a great player. As far as the air deal with it being a little bit thinner, everything was great. I loved it up there, it's a nice place, nice campus.

Q: With the top 43 players there, talk about some of the hardest competition you faced and any big guys you went head-to-head against?

A: The hardest would have to be Randolph Morris, a 6-11 kid about 250 pounds. He kind of plays like me. He likes to bang in the post. We just went head to head, his team beat us and our team beat his once. They had a lot of great players, like BJ White and a lot of other power forwards on his team, and I look forward to playing against him some more.

Q: Was it a productive weekend for you in terms of showcasing your talents?

A: Most definitely, our team came in 2nd I think I had some great games then some alright games, and I think my great games out did my alright games.

Q: When is the earliest that you'll decide on a school?

A: Probably late August or early September, that's about when time will begin to slow down a bit and when me, my family and my coaches can decide on a school that would best fit me.

Q: Along with Kansas and Illinois, you're also considering Missouri. Give us your thoughts on Tigers' coach Quin Snyder.

A: Quin Snyder is a great coach. I've known him ever since my freshman year. I've grown up watching Mizzou basketball, ‘cause you know it's the home school. And of course, my mom went to Mizzou and Coach Harvey is a great assistant coach and Coach Snyder is a great coach, but the fact that's still holding me away from Mizzou is that I've yet to take a visit with them. I just need to get to know the program and the coaches a little bit better and you know, things will probably go better from there, who knows?

Q: Do you have any visits scheduled so far for Mizzou or Kansas ?

A: I have no visits scheduled but I know which schools I will visit.

Q: Which are those?

A: It's going to be Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma.

Q: What's your relationship like with the new staff at Illinois? Have you had a chance to chat with them yet?

A: Yeah, I had a chance to talk with Coach Weber, Coach Lowery and Coach McClain. They all sound just as interested in me as when Coach Self was there and they sound like good people, but I have yet to meet Coach Webber and I barely know Coach McClain and Coach Lowery from SIU, but they sound like good coaches and of course you're gonna be a good coach if you took a team to the sweet 16, so I'm just waiting to see what they have to offer.

Q: You mentioned an interest in Oklahoma, what's your opinion of Coach Sampson?

A: I only talked to coach Sampson one time. I talked to one of his assistant coaches yesterday. I've been getting recruited by Oklahoma, but they're five and half or six hours away. I've been hearing through the grapevine that Oklahoma's a great school. I just want to take a visit to see what they're about and maybe change my mind. But I'd have to say Oklahoma is the school I know the least about.

Q: You just talked about the driving distance from your home to Norman, how much of a factor is location in relation to your hometown.

A: Distance plays a major part in my decision because I have a strong support group which is my family. They all wanna come see me play and with my brother at Creighton -- which is six and a half hours away -- they only caught two or three of his home games. They wanna be able to see me play a lot. So, distance will be a factor. I want to go somewhere, where my parents can see me play.

Q: Okay, time for some fun questions. You told us last week that you modeled your game after Ben Wallace and Karl Malone, does that mean you like those guys the most or do you have a different player that is your favorite either in the NBA or at the college level?

A: I would have to favor my game to Elton Brand, Ben Wallace and Karl Malone, but my favorite player would have to be – most definitely – Shaq. Nobody can stop him. He just can't be stopped, he's a player I want to be like.

Q: Now does that mean you want to be like him off the court as well and be a rapper who also does bad movies?

A: Nah, I'm not into rap. I listen to it, but as far as rapping, that's not me. No movies either, I'm not an actor. I like to watch them though.

Q: Favorite pro teams in the MLB, NFL and NBA?

A: Since I'm from St. Louis I'm gonna have to go with the St. Louis Cardinals as my baseball team, the St. Louis Rams as my football team and since we don't have a basketball team and I love the Lakers' Shaq and Kobe, I've gotta go with them as my favorite NBA team.

Q: Is (Cardinals rookie) Bo Hart the greatest player who ever lived?

A: I haven't seen him play a whole lot, but from what I heard he's a pretty good player. I'd like to see some more of his games.

Q: If you never become a pro basketball player, what line of work would you like to go in?

A: As a big guy at 6-8, 265, I've rolled my ankles a few times, and I've always looked up to the trainers to help me cure my ankles. So you know, I just want to be a trainer and help people like he did. I just feel that a trainer is something I can be and a line that I can fit in if I don't make it to the league playing basketball.

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