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A.J. Price: Down to the wire?

INDIANAPOLIS– A.J. Price can sense it. Someone is on the verge of committing. We spoke to Price on Sunday about his recruiting situation and what the future holds. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

The kids at Nike Camp know that something could happen at ABCD that might alter their situations. One of the guys involved potentially is A.J. Price.

"The past couple of weeks I've been talking to my mom and visiting schools earlier [and] looking at committing soon due to all the people who are committing," Price said.

But, committing early is not what Price really wants to do. He knows full well that Josh Wright could pull the trigger and commit to Connecticut, one of the prime schools on his list. He also knows that he has his chance to commit to the Huskies as well. Right now he's seriously considering UConn and Kansas.

One of the problems with Kansas is that he's just not as familiar with them as he needs to be and therefore is one of the reasons why he wants to wait to decide and take his visits. Here at Nike, both he and Russell Robinson could potentially be affected by Wright should he decide to make a decision. A few weeks ago, Wright alluded to us that he could decide at ABCD.

"Connecticut is one of my top choices. If [Josh Wright] commits, I probably wouldn't end up there." Price sees himself as playing the same position Wright does. Price the shooting guard by nature wants to transition into the point.

"I think I'll get more looks in the future as far as the next level," Price said about running the point. He's serious about the point spot to the point where he's got one clear goal for camp. "In here I just want to be the No. 1 point guard."

In addition to Connecticut and Kansas, Syracuse, St. John's, Georgia Tech and now Kentucky are chasing him. Just two weeks ago, Kentucky made a move to get involved.

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