Entire Class of 2012 expected to report

Even excluding the handful of highly-publicized fifth-year transfers who chose to play their final season at Kansas this fall, Head Coach Charlie Weis' first recruiting class on Mount Oread was a big one.

It featured 19 prospects from both the college and JUCO ranks, compiled almost exclusively from the ground up in a matter of just a couple of months. With most high schools and junior colleges wrapping up in May, the majority of those new faces made their way to Lawrence, Kan. last month to begin their college careers - take their first classes, participate in their first workouts, etc.

Most, but not all. And with so many newcomers expected to contribute immediately, Kansas fans are antsy for an accurate head count of the summer arrivals.

Those folks are going to need to learn to relax.

"You have two kids who hadn't finished high school yet, and they want to know why they're not here yet," Weis said, smiling. "Can they finish high school first?"

Different states, different schools bring different graduation dates - which accounts for some of the comparative delays. Tevin Shaw, for example, an athlete from New Jersey, won't graduate until this week. He'll hit Lawrence soon thereafter.

In the JUCO ranks, a couple of prospects are taking additional classes to shore up their transcripts.

"A lot of times when you're dealing with junior college kids, the reason why they have extra classes is because classes that they were told were accredited when you go through the process, sometimes they say 'Well, that class doesn't count,'" Weis explained. "So it wasn't like they were short hours. They have to go back and almost take another class to counter a class they said didn't count, to go ahead and finish it off."

In the end, Jayhawk Nation can rest easy, as Weis doesn't anticipate anyone failing to make it to campus.

"All but two of them will be in here this week, and then after this week we'll have two of them who will get here toward the end of July," he said. "And then August 1, when we report everyone will be good to go."

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