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Grimes comes up big at Nike

There are just some things in life that you can count on. Nobody escapes death, taxes blow, and no matter how terrible he is, somewhere somehow Craig T. Nelson will get another lead role. For the last three years now, another thing that you can count on is that no matter how well, badly or nondescript 6-8 BF Kalen Grimes has been playing…he is going to bring it at Nike camp. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

This year is no exception.

Nobody knows for sure what it is about the campus of IUPUI that brings out the best in Kalen, but he had a solid outing on Tuesday.

"I'm feeling real confident down here and am playing really well. Anytime somebody double teams you in the post at Nike camp, you know you're doing something," said Grimes about once again having a solid showing at Nike.

"I guess it's the atmosphere. I like the floor, the gym, the competition and it all reminds me of home."

Let's face it. Nobody is confusing Grimes for a finesse player. It is getting back to his powerful roots that has resulted in his strong play. Rather than settling for 10 foot jumpers in the high post -- although he isn't completely immune launching a scud now and then -- the 264 pound Grimes is using his impressive strength and quickness to attack the basket and he has been extremely active on the boards.

As his camp team's only real low post threat, Grimes has sucked it up and battled on almost each and every trip up and down the court. He also admitted that he is aware of some of the bad reviews, mostly on the Internet, he has been getting lately and that he wants to prove he is a player, yet again.

"My mom does most of the looking on the Internet and sees a lot of stuff, but I don't fool with it too much," said Grimes. "But, sometimes she'll tell me something she read on the World Wide Web and I'll use it to show people they're wrong."

While working to expand his game and find another scoring move to compliment the jump hook he has developed, recruiting is also weighing heavily on Grimes mind. The same old questions over and over and over again are getting tiresome, but Grimes won't move up his timetable just to stop a few phone calls from inquisitive reporters.

"I'm not really rushing, but I do want to get it done just so I can get moving with my senior year."

Finally, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma have moved into the picture to some extent but the Hazelwood Central big man's focus remains on three schools. One of them remains the leader.

"The way I handle that question is by saying that if I had to commit today, I'd commit to Kansas but Illinois and Mizzou are in there. Mizzou is the home school and Illinois is basically a home school too."

So exactly what vaults Kansas to the front?

"KU doesn't really put a lot of pressure on me," Grimes says matter of factly. "Coach Self just tells me that I'm their number one guy and that it's my world. They offered me a scholarship from the beginning so I don't feel rushed."

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