Nike Camp: More News and Notes

Take away the Kansas targets and there is still plenty to talk about at Nike.

Nike Camp: With a Kansas Flavor

Of course there are other guys like Clent Stewart, Maarty Luenen, Rico Tucker, Darrell Arthur (2006) whose names have been linked with Kansas and I'll try to get a better look at them as the week goes on.

Shawne Williams - the smooth 6-8 wing from Memphis - is nasty, but in a good way. He can shoot it from deep, handles the ball and is a spectacular finisher at the rim. If he keeps his head on straight and gets serious about basketball and where it can take him, he is a pro sooner than later. He and teammate Marquise Gray, a 6-7 BF heading to Michigan State, put on a show on Tuesday. The good thing about Gray is that he always lets everybody in the gym know he just punched on somebody with an old school Moses Scurry scream.

Al Jefferson is fighting to retain his #1 spot in the class of 2004. He was dominant in the first session and taught the next big thing 2006 big man Greg Oden a thing or two in the evening session.

Somewhere, 6-9 BF Mohammed Tangara is being clowned by his peers. Tangara is an ultra aggressive rebounding and shot blocking machine, but Texas bound PG Daniel Gibson absolutely humiliated him with perhaps the nastiest facial I have ever seen at Nike Camp. Don't get me wrong, D-Gib is a potentially special college point but he didn't exactly make his name by giving cats Nike tattoos on their foreheads.

I'll say it again - KU and MU fans will one day be sorry about missing out on Steven Hill because he is going to be a good one at Arkansas.

St. Louis Vashon big man Curtis Muse is really turning some heads. The 6-9 and athletic Muse doesn't have a ton of experience, but he is going to get a lot of attention thanks to his activity level. How some of the kids who are here got into Nike camp I'll never know, but there are a couple of flat out horrific, in the bad way, prospects patrolling the courts in Indy.

Martell Webster, Martell Webster, Martell Webster, Martell Webster, Martell Webster……the 6-6 class of 2005 wing is even better than I thought he was, and I have been hyping the kid for a while now.

Finally, I am happy to report that 7-0 and 192 pound Robert Rothbart was not blown away by tornados that passed through the area and halted play for a while. Stay tuned for more news, notes, and other good stuff tomorrow. Top Stories