Nike Camp: With a Kansas Flavor II

The results of Wednesday play were some solid, if not spectacular, performances from several players young and old, including a few key Kansas targets.

After a relatively sluggish Tuesday at Nike All-American Camp in the Circle City, things really "heated up" on Wednesday. The teams are starting to gel and several first time campers have gotten over the nerves of playing in front of the assembled throng of coaches, NBA Scouts and gurus.

Here's another quick look at how a few Kansas targets faired.

Joe Crawford - Freshly de-committed and listing Kansas, he is simply to good for ANY staff to not take a long hard look at. What Crawford did to Daniel Gibson and Isaiah Swann during his masterful afternoon outburst is probably illegal in 42 out of 50 states. What made it even more impressive was the fact that Swann and Gibson weren't exactly having rough days at the office. Crawford was just that good on Wednesday. For whatever reason, a lot of people labeled him as just an athlete somewhere along the line. Sure, he is athletic and strong as they come. But he is a player with combo guard skills, solid fundamentals and he can stroke it from deep, dish to teammates or tear the basket down. He was the talk of the camp among his fellow players.

Kalen Grimes - Although he wasn't quite as successful as he was on Tuesday, Grimes was looking to score and calling for the ball. DC area big man Davis Nwankwo gave Kalen some fits with his impossibly long arms and impeccable timing and it resulted in a few frustrating moments. The key for Kalen is catching the ball within six or seven feet of the bucket and going to work. That's where he is at his best and that is where his immediate future is on the next level. He has a tendency to call for the ball in the high post and when he gets it there, he isn't the most reliable jump shooter.

A.J. Ratliff - The 6-2 wing with the golden jump shot has created a serious buzz around Nike Camp. A lot of people thought he would do well, but nobody (including several coaches who have been recruiting him) expected that he would play this well. A.J. has raised his stock as much as anybody in Indy.

Jason Rich - Rich is just too much of a competitor to keep struggling like he had lately. Rich took some "overrated" whispers to heart and had himself a very productive day. He was explosive around the basket and had his mid range game clicking.

A.J. Price - Different day, same old A.J. Price. He makes jump shots and there isn't anybody left questioning his ability to run the point. He is one of several kids that is being heavily pursued by both KU and UConn and it is about to get really interesting.

Darnell Jackson - Just like Tuesday, Jackson was all over the glass and he did it under the watchful eyes of Coach Self. He is quick and gets off the floor in a hurry. The only real complaint about his play at Nike is that he will launch a couple of ill advised mid range jump shots during each game. His spin move is very, very quick.

Malik Hairston - Hairston doesn't have a thing left to prove. He's one of the top ten players at camp this week. The only question is who is better - Malik or his high school teammate Crawford? Top Stories