Big 12 Media Days - Bill Snyder is live at Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, where Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder just took the stage. We've got news and notes from his press conference, and will have continued coverage of every team through Day One.

* He hasn't thought about the Penn State sanctions. There's a lot going on in society today, with the problems at PSU and the shootings in Colorado. For him, it's about Kansas State and the people who play the game for them and the Big 12 Conference. He's not interested in investing time in discussing outside stuff.

* He's not certain if K-State plays better as an underdog, as they were in 2011. He just hopes they can do something similar to last season this year. Now, he probably doesn't deal with underdog status the same way people in the program do. Do they perform better as underdogs? He hasn't seen the statistics.

His greater concern is game by game, when they are selected as favorites in a ballgame. Any coach would say that's where the greatest concern lies, just making sure young people don't take anything for granted or as coaches they don't take anything for granted. One of the things they have to be concerned with this season is that very simple concept.

He thinks their players have responded well by doing a good job of not focusing on whether or not they're underdogs or favorites, but by focusing on game-by-game improvement. However you want to be ranked, have to pay the price today.

* He thinks the Big 12 is a stable conference right now, if there is such a thing in college football. It's quite obvious that the universities who make up the Big 12 today are heavily committed to the conference. They lost two fine universities and programs but they gained two extremely talented football programs and universities as well. There is a national perception that the Big 12 is made up of quality programs. He appreciates the leadership, and appreciates Chuck Neinas stepping in and the positive step of hiring Bob Bowlsby as his full-time successor.

* He's too old to be surprised. Believe it or not, it's not his modus operand to place expectations on young guys as it relates to their performance level. Collin Klein is a tremendous young man and has made great improvement as a player. That's happened because of the kind of person he is. He is truly committed to becoming better in every facet of his life every single day. He works diligently at trying to improve his skills, and consequently does. That was evidenced as you watched him progress through the course of the season.

* His experience, particularly since coming back, is that the league has evolved to a certain degree - spread the field and throw the ball around, and they've got talented people doing it. He can't put it on a scale of how difficult it is, other than to say it is extremely difficult. Statistically, the passing stats in the conference are extremely significant.

* What is overlooked in regard to Tyler Lockett is they had 15 spring practices and then the spring game. Tyler participated in the first 14 days of spring practice. Didn't participate in the spring game because of a hamstring. He is recovered fully from last season's injury and is having a productive summer as well. He should be well prepared to play.

* Right now, he thinks it's more difficult to recruit Texas than in the Big 12's beginning. The recruiting calendar is kind of upside down. The opportunity to really get to know young people and their families has become more and more difficult.

* In each of the past three years he's seen the levels of leadership grow among the young people in their program. Right now, they have strong player leadership from within, demanding leadership, vocal leadership and quality, caring leadership. He cautions himself taking that for granted as to whether it will carry into the season, but he's seen a great deal of growth in that respect.

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