Big 12 Media Days - Mike Gundy

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy just stepped off the podium here in Dallas, and has a rundown of his comments.

* It's an exciting time for them to be able to get back to work, get with the players and see how they've developed and grown. With a new quarterback and a number of veteran players on offense and then a very solid and deep defense, they're looking forward to a great year on special teams, it's an exciting time.

* Mike Gundy hasn't seen Wes Lunt in six weeks, eight weeks. Those guys are down training and working. Lunt has been in the room studying tape, but they can't spend time around the players.

* He enjoyed watching their defense with their athleticism and speed. They were able to put players in there who were young and they didn't have as much drop off as they did 3-4 yard ago. They've recruited to defensive speed. He feels as good about the D as he has since he's been a head coach.

* Joseph Randle has done very well for them. He's been durable, a good inside-outside runner and a good receiver. A good pass-blocker. Joseph has established himself as a dominant back in this league.

* He should handled the increased expectations well. Randle has been involved with OSU football for three years now, and he has experience. Gundy is confident Randle will handle things the right way, and if not someone will come up and knock him off.

* Continuity might not be the best word to describe the situation with the coaching staff. Cohesiveness might be better. The way they practice, they believe in finding a goal, identifying what the strengths are, how do they get the football and eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

* Dez Bryant is an unbelievable talent and is trying to make strides to do the right thing. It saddens him to hear negative things come out about Dez, and hopefully he can get it together. When he was at Oklahoma State, they were with him all the time and they never really had any issues with him.

* He's not sure he's ready to commit to another one of his receivers being the equal of Bryant or Justin Blackmon right now. Those types are so rare. He wants 3-4 receivers this year to give them what Justin Blackmon gave them last year.

* There's a lot to digest with Penn State right now regarding transfers. They have not had a lot of success with players who have transferred. They've taken some, but the majority of their success have been with guys who have developed within their program. His comment is that they have to take a look at everything that's going on. It's a long ways away from Stillwater, Okla. and so bringing in transfers isn't a priority for them. But if there's interest from the players, they'll look at it.

* There's no question that the success they've had over the last few years has been directly related to their success in the turnover margin. They have to find a way to continue with that. Lunt has to understand his role, he's got a number of players who can really help him. He can't put a lot of pressure on himself. And the defense has to pick up where they left off last year. There's a number of those guys who are back.

* OSU spreads the ball out more than people realize. Last year, Joseph Randle touched the ball more than anybody on their team. This upcoming season they don't have a guy established like Blackmon, so in big situations they have to find someone else to step up.

* OSU football has established itself as a quality program. They understand that's short lived if you're not willing to put the time and work in.

* The veteran players have stepped up with the leadership in the absence of a guy like Brandon Weeden. And the reality is Wes Lunt is going to have to play a part in that as well, despite his youth. He's the quarterback.

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