Big 12 Media Days - Charlie Weis

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis spent approximately 20 minutes with the media this morning here in Dallas at Big 12 Media Days, and was on hand as he answered questions about taking the job, expectations, how to build a winning program and much more. We've got the rundown.

* So let's get Penn Stat out of the way. Charlie Weis' feelings is that nobody wins. Everybody loses. There are no winners in that situation. He just doesn't want to take it any further than that. Nobody won.

* He has taken a look at Penn State's roster. You have to be respectful to Coach O'Brien and the people trying to make good of a bad situation, but at the same time the rules are the rules, and there are several players who when the dust settles will entertain the thought of going somewhere else. Especially the way it was presented to them. Any program who didn't do homework prior to this decision coming out was behind on that one.

* He's already friendly with a few of the coaches in this conference. He's been friends with Mack Brown and Tommy Tuberville for quite some time. One of the guys who he has the most respect for is Coach Bill Snyder, and a lot of the people at Kansas will be mad at him for that, but he was always a big fan of his. It's refreshing to get to know these guys - but the bottom line is you want to go beat them.

* He has two different issues. One issue is the fact they were 2-10 and 3-9 during the past two years. The other, which is maybe more important, is not the losses - but how badly they lost. The first thing you have to do is get your team to be more competitive on a weekly basis. Once you get your team more competitive, the wins will follow.

* He and Dayne Crist have known each other for a long time. When he came here, it wasn't about Weis selling himself. It was whether or not he could come in here and be competitive. He spent the whole time with the offensive line. He's such a natural leader that it was easier for the players to follow him. If you've already won over the offensive line that's a great place to start. Weis was also pleased the vote for captain between he and Tanner Hawkinson for captain was close, because it showed him things weren't completely hopeless from a leadership perspective on the existing roster.

* His familiarity with Kansas City and the area was one of the reasons he took the KU job. He loved his time with the Chiefs.

* Both Anthony McDonald and Mike Ragone like being at Kansas, and they're doing well in school. That's always a concern with fifth-year guys, because they're playing a fifth year to enhance their value on Sunday. These guys are looking forward to the opportunity to compete and be on the field on a regular basis.

* When he was offered this job, he looked at the two closest competitors. He looked at KSU and at Missouri, and saw their success. So the two schools in the closest proximity are doing well. So his thing was to figure out why they're doing well and close the gap on them quicker than they would like us to. There's no reason they can't be more competitive.

* Dave Campo and Weis have known each other for a lot of years. Weis likes the man. He's a great teacher and he's very well respected by the players. So when you have that, you always have a chance. He knew Dave would spend a lot of time visiting some of his guys around the country that play against the spread to get some ideas, but at the end of the day it's going to be Dave and his staff making the decisions on how they defend it.

* Weis sees the basketball program as a huge advantage for the football program. No better environment to bring recruits than Allen Fieldhouse on game day. You tell recruits "That's what we want Memorial Stadium to be like. You've gotta come here and help us be that way." It's a wonderful recruiting tool. Weis loves college hoops.

* He looked back at Notre Dame and asked 'What could I have done differently?' He can't tell you the number of things he looks back and asks himself how stupid he could have been. Anyone who is relatively intelligent should understand when you make mistakes you try and minimize those. One big one is early on he wasn't speaking to a bunch of the alumni groups at Notre Dame. That had a lot of people disgruntled. So when he took the job at Kansas, he said "When it gets to the month of May, I'll go anywhere you want to go." That publicity has paid dividends so far.

* Weis was offered other jobs for more money than Kansas. A lot more money. What's important is why he took this job. Not so long ago it's 2007 and 2008 and they're playing in the Orange Bowl and the Insight Bowl and winning. You evaluate the situation and say "What happened?" It's a very challenging situation and it's one that he talked over with his wife and son, and thought it would be a very good challenge for them as a family, but also very rewarding if it paid dividends. Top Stories