Big 12 Media Days - Art Briles

Baylor head coach Art Briles just left the stage here in Dallas, and we've got a recap of his comments.

* In this business, if you're back it's a good year. Art Briles is proud to be back representing Baylor University. They've had a great year as an athletic program on a national level.

* Both West Virginia and TCU are winners. Them coming into the conference and affecting recruiting - TCU has been recruiting Texas forever. So it shouldn't be much of a change in that regard.

* The new stadium at Baylor is hugely exciting for Briles. It's going to do a lot for the program from an image standpoint. It's a great vision from their board of regents and their alumni. It's a need, not a want.

* They had five guys drafted off the offensive side of the ball last year. They've got some needs to address. Terrance Ganaway was an unknown before last year. They feel they've got some other guys who can step in, sort of in that same fashion.

* Replacing the best college football player in America provides Baylor inspiration. Shows how high they can go.

* When he talks to recruits, they're not asking about how he's doing, they're asking about RGIII. So they're going to continue to lean on that. They're going to use his name in recruiting because it's something that he earned and they earned as a program. He's such a visible figure.

* One of the toughest things he had to do when he was coaching at the University of Houston was to get the players to stay in Houston. Great football players. It's hard to get those guys to stay home. When you're 17-18 years old, you weren't thinking "Boy, if I could only live next to Mom and Daddy."

* When you're in the Big 12 and you're on the defensive side of the ball, it's a tough place to be. This is a tough offensive league. He has a ton of confidence in their defensive staff and their defensive players. They expect to be better. They expect to be better all the way around.

* If a guy can play, they're going to look at them - regardless of whether or not they're transfers. He likes taking guys who are mature.

* Every time you step on the field there's somebody trying to take a piece of your life away. It doesn't matter if you're playing Stephen F. Austin or the University of Oklahoma. You'd better play well.

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