All newcomers still slated to arrive

Since the start of spring football, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis has spoken frequently of the reinforcements slated to arrive this year, in the form of the Class of 2012. In Dallas for Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday, he confirmed that each of the almost 20 signees is still expected to arrive in Lawrence, Kan. as planned.

Since the spring, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis has spoken frequently of the imminent arrival of reinforcements to his team.

He is referring, of course, to the Class of 2012 - a collection of 19 recruits signed by Weis and his staff in Feburary. The class contains a number, perhaps even a large number, of athletes expected to contribute immediately - particularly on defense.

And boy does the Jayhawks D need some help. During the 2011 season, they ranked dead last as a unit nationally in the Football Bowl Subdivision, giving up slightly more than 516 yards per game.

Let that sink in for a minute. Five hundred and sixteen yards…per game.

Of particular concern was the defensive line - a unit thin on talent and experience that got even thinner when seniors Patrick Dorsey and Richard Johnson, Jr. exhausted their eligibility and graduated. Which might be why the class put together by Weis and Co. included four defensive linemen, three from the junior college ranks, and a fifth-year transfer in Nebraska's Josh Williams.

Now, everyone just has to actually arrive in Lawrence, Kan. to begin school and their careers as Jayhawks. During a meeting with the media in June, Weis said he expected everyone to arrive as planned for fall camp, and Tuesday he confirmed that was still the case.

In fact, everyone has arrived to date with the exception of two junior college prospects. And though Weis did not divulge their identities, a little process of elimination reveals they are likely defensive tackles Ty McKinney and Jordan Tavai.

The delay isn't due to anything they have or haven't done, Weis explain. It's in the hands of their respective JUCOs now, as final classes may run as late as Aug. 9.

"They're tentatively scheduled to be done on July 29," Weis said. "If I'm betting a dollar, I'm betting against it in both cases right now. July 29 allows them to get there on Aug. 1, so we'd have plenty of time."

Regardless of whether or not they show up a few days late, the two newcomers will definitely find their way onto the field - and possibly start. Weis isn't going to penalize them for a situation out of their control.

Besides, there are going to be so many new faces on the defensive side of the ball that fall camp will take on a bit of a spring football feel, for defensive coordinator Dave Campo and defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt in particular. A few more days aren't likely to drastically set any late arrivals back in the developmental process.

"Even the guys who are already here and ready to go, they still haven't been coached by our coaches yet," Weis said. "They weren't here for spring ball. So the first time they're going to hear them coach football is going to be on Aug. 2."

"So if they came on Aug. 7, it's five days different," he added. "They're still going to be crash courses no matter who they are. But there isn't anyone who won't be ready to go for Sept. 1." Top Stories