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ABCD: Thursday Notes

TEANECK, N.J. - Sitting up in the press room at ABCD allows you to see all the courts. In this section, we give you a scouts-eye view and then get you in the mix for the latest recruiting scuttlebutt. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

Scout's Seat

Hatila DeSouza can really board. Tonight he hit a few jumpers. Now, they weren't textbook but they did go in and he's going to have to work on that part of his game if he wants to take the next step. Cheyenne Moore's athleticism dazzles observers. He had a nasty one-handed jam tonight. Brandon Costner is a very skilled junior power forward with a solid mid-range touch.

Brian Laing is improving an area of his game that he needed to excel at. He's sticking mid-range jumpers and that's a great sign. For those who might not have caught onto it yet, Troy Mathis is a very solid - and potential - high-major point guard. Andre Blatche has great hands and his progress (Top 50?) continues. Was that Glen Dandridge with the surprising one-handed throw down?

The pieces have not all come together just yet for Dorell Wright but it's a guarantee that at least once in a game he'll flash you some athleticism or range on his jumper that confirm your suspicions: he can be a great one. Curtis Allen must make jumpers or he can get lost in the shuffle in a hurry. Tonight he was making them. The Randolph Morris-Dwight Howard matchup just wasn't exciting.

J.R. Smith is a rhythm shooter and he wasn't getting himself set to launch them tonight. He was shooting off balance and never really got it going. He can really help himself by going to the rim instead of settling for Js when they aren't falling. Besides, when you have his athleticism going to the rim can be quite fun. The game needs more characters with personality like "Big Baby." The kids love him and while he's fun-loving, he's no novelty item.

Props to Mike Williams for realizing the strength of his game isn't firing 3s but taking mid-range jumpers and working inside. The dunk of the night was a Marshall Brown 360 on the break. That took guts to attempt that kind of degree of difficulty.

News & Notes

Buzz Peterson was in the crowd watching Tyler Smith. Skip Prosser paid tribute in the stands to Cameron Stanley. Pierre-Marie Cespedes likes Pittsburgh, Illinois, Georgia, Arkansas and Marquette. None have offered to date. Justin Cerasoli lists Auburn, Ohio State, Seton Hall, Memphis, Villanova and Georgia Tech. The Jackets are the lone school that hasn't offered.

Both Glenn Miles and Brandon Rush will play at Mount Zion next year. Marshall Brown says Missouri leads Oklahoma trailing and that both have offered. He mentioned UCLA and Kansas but we can't confirm either is recruiting him. Roy Bright lists Connecticut, Tennessee, Charlotte, DePaul, Iowa State, Clemson, North Carolina State and LSU.

Sean Singletary aggravated his shoulder and missed both sessions. Jon Lucky did not play either. James Mays hurt his back last night and was a DNP. Luke Bonner has offers from Rutgers and Rhode Island. He's open and lists Dayton, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Boston College and Richmond as well. Chester Giles has a bone bruise and didn't play. He likes Kansas, Southern Cal, Oregon, Washington and Miami. Josh Wright wants to visit schools before deciding. He lists Connecticut, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Kansas, Boston College, Kentucky and Pittsburgh.

Kyle Lowry is in summer and did not attend the camp. Shaun Livingston said that North Carolina has contacted him but has not offered a scholarship and he hasn't spoken to Roy Williams as the UNC head coach.

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