JUCOs still on track to arrive

With the Class of 2012 still on the mind of Jayhawk Nation as fall camp opened Wednesday, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis took a few moments to provide an update on the status of a handful of junior college recruits.

"Is everyone here?"

That's the question du jour on the minds of Jayhawk Nation, really the question of the past month or so, in reference to the recruiting class of 2012 - more specifically, the junior college subset of the Class of 2012.

So Wednesday, during his first press conference of the season, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis addressed the matter of those in question during his opening comments.

Jon Shelby? He's in Lawrence, Kan. with the team. A 6-foot-1.5, 210-pound linebacker, the first depth chart shows him in a battle with sophomore Ben Heeney for a spot in the two-deep at the WILL linebacker spot.

Aslam Sterling? He'll arrive Thursday. A teammate of Shelby's at Nassau Community College, Sterling is a mammoth offensive lineman - 6-foot-5, 360 pounds - expected to fight Riley Spencer for the starting right tackle spot.

And then there are Ty McKinney and Jordan Tavai.

The two defensive tackles are viewed as instrumental to Kansas' ability to engage in effective trench warfare defensively this season, and both are chomping at the bit to get to campus. Unfortunately, things are taking a little longer than expected, thanks to junior college classes which are running longer than expected.

"They were supposed to end on July 29," Weis said. "Well, as you know, it's past July 29. I'm not concerned in either one of their cases about whether or not academically they'll be here."

Tavai - a 6-foot-3, 290-pound tackle/end hybrid - is expected in approximately one week, give or take a day or two either way, while the 6-foot-3, 310-pound McKinney will follow shortly thereafter.

The issue isn't either party - Kansas or the athletes - could do anything to prevent.

"They'll all be there," Weis said. "That's the million-dollar question that everyone wanted to know. People are really concerned about how that's going to matriculate. I feel very good that both Tavai and McKinney will be able to step in there relatively quickly and be able to provide some added help."

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