Can we call him DJ?

Quotes from experts and fans on Kansas commitment Darnell Jackson.

What the experts say:

"I've been one of Darnell's biggest critics over the last year because of how raw he is on the offensive end. Darnell Jackson deserves a ton of credit for how much better he is getting. He's a legit top 50-75 in the nation type talent. He is a solid defender who is learning to be patient and avoid silly fouls and he's making tremendous strides on the offensive end. Jackson was all over the glass (at the Nike camp) and he did it under the watchful eyes of Coach Self. His spin move is very, very quick."

- Eric Bossi, analyst for and

"Everybody was trying to jump on the Darnell Jackson bandwagon at Nike. He doesn't appear to be a "scorer" but he earned him self plenty of scoring opportunities courtesy his effort and rebounding prowess in camp."

- Frank Burlison, former analyst for Fox Sports

"Darnell's one of those guys that I never could figure out why he wasn't ranked (higher). He's big, he's skilled, and he's strong. He's a very good pick up for Bill Self, who has recruited him since he was at Illinois."

- Jeff Markman, analyst for and

"I saw Darnell Jackson at Nike and was immediately impressed. He was very active and quick off his feet, and physically owned the low block. In the three-on-threes at Nike he was very impressive, and even showed a nice shooting touch around the basket. I think KU got a very good one."

-Tracy Pierson, analyst for and Bruin Report Online


Fan Voices:

When the ball came in to him in the post he wasn't a dead end, he had a good sense of when to pass it back out when doubled, or turn and throw it to the weakside quickly when appropriate. I'm telling you, his potential is extremely high. You know Giddens and Case aren't going to sign off on a guy with stakes like this unless they think he's a big-time gamer.

Offensively, he may not be as polished as some other guys. He's so accomplished in these other areas, that his 15 foot jump shot, whatever it might be, doesn't matter as much to me. He's a BEAST. He's working hard, improving, and the kind of athlete he is is rare and unteachable. Combine that with the fact that all reports indicate he's a nice, level-headed kid that loves KU, and I think we have reason to be excited.

- Neeyno, refering to watching Jackson at the Nike camp in 2002

He's got all the skills needed to be effective and a contributer at KU and simply needs a little bit of coaching and some confidence - he'll get both at KU if he comes. He's very, very active inside and outside. I've seen him guard points on the perimeter with effectiveness. I've seen him dominate inside. He's got very active hands and a big body. I've seen him at halftime shooting free throws with a 6 year old and having a great time.

-Havsumhope, prior to Darnell's commitment Top Stories