Phog.TV: Giddens Live!

JR Giddens is an absolute stud, both on the court and off. By listening to this interview with KU's next big star, you'll find out exactly what we mean.

Highlights include:

  • JR analyzing his dunking ability compared to Kenny Gregory's slamming skills
  • JR revealing which dunk he'll shock Kansas fans with on his first open court attempt at Allen Fieldhouse
  • JR talking about how his new muscles help him both on the court and off
  • JR on how good players make their own (jersey) numbers famous
  • JR saying Bill Self is cool enough to be one of his 'homies'
  • JR on Omar Wilkes' surprising vertical leap
  • JR pronouncing all of us Jayhawkers as 'one big happy family'

All that and more is in the interview, so give it a listen. You won't regret it!

Click the logo below to visit Phog.TV, and look for the July 15, 2003, Giddens interview near the top of the page.


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