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Jackson: I was thinking Kansas all the way

Darnell Jackson speaks softly, but he doesn't carry a big stick. Instead, this soft-spoken future Jayhawk carries a whole lot of attitude that he hopes to bring to the 2004 team. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

Jackson made his debut appearance on Rock Chalk Sports Talk Monday and talked about the excitement of now being a part of the KU family. While the 6-9 forward didn't have a lot to say on every topic he did perk up when asked about his commitment to Kansas.

"I was really excited when I committed and Coach Self was really happy too"

So, how did this commitment come about?

"When I got home from the Nike camp, I went over to JR Giddens' house and we had dinner with mom and dad and we were talking. Then we left and went to the mall and JR was like ‘Darnell, are you going to commit?' I was like, ‘Yeah, I'll call him right now.' So, I called Coach Self from the mall and I was like ‘Coach Self, can I be a Jayhawk?' and he was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah you can be a Jayhawk.' and that's how it started."

Here's some highlights of what else Jackson had to say to KLWN listeners:

What kind of range do you have on your jump shot?

"My 15-footer (is good), I don't go past the three point line. If I do it's an air ball."

Do you model your game after anyone in the pros?


A lot of people describe your basketball skills as "raw" is that a fair description?

"I guess so, if that's what people say. I've been playing football for eight years. I started (basketball) my freshman year, and then the coach told me I made varsity and I've stuck with it through my junior year."

What position did you play in football?

"Tight end and defensive end."

I bet you were a big target at tight end?


Now that you've accepted an offer to play basketball at Kansas, is your football career behind you?

"I'm just basketball."

Your efforts at the Nike camp in Indianapolis really seemed to help raise your stock, how important is a recruit's play in the summer?

"In high school, when I was at Northwest I didn't touch the ball that much. I had selfish players on my team but I wasn't worried about it. I told them when summer league comes around and AAU, I'm going to go out and show what I can do."

How strong did Arizona enter your mind, when choosing a school?

"I was thinking Kansas all the way. Arizona came in at the wrong time – when I was thinking about Kansas."

What was the ultimate deciding factor in picking Kansas?

"Coach Self. I love Coach Self, I love the way he coaches. No doubt about that. He pushes his players to the next level."

What should Kansas fans look forward to seeing, when they watch Darnell Jackson suit up in the Crimson and Blue for the first time?


What positions should Kansas use their last two scholarships on?

"I think they should pick up another big man and another guard."

A center or a power forward?


Tell us about the talent that Kansas has in JR Giddens and Jeremy Case.

"Jeremy Case is a real good shooting guard. He'll make a lot of plays. JR can jump real high and finish shots. Really, that's it."

What would you like to say to all your new fans in Lawrence , do you have a special message for your new fan-base?

"No I don't have anything to say"

While Jackson may not talk nearly as much as his old friend JR Giddens, he's definitely excited to be joining him and his other Oklahoma buddy, Jeremy Case, at Kansas.

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