Mother's Day Past

On Mother's Day for the past four years has profiled Jordan Darling who became the ultimate journeyman during his high school career. We caught up with his military family who are about to be on the move once again.

Scout began to profile now Kansas University redshirt freshman quarterback Jordan Darling in the spring of 2011 when his travels took him from Missouri to Ohio, and Ohio to Texas, and finally Texas to Kansas.

Darling is the perhaps the most traveled varsity quarterback in high school history earning a varsity letter in four different states, which included 34 starts and 24 victories.

Passing for over a thousand yards in three different states and facing the largest classifications and strongest teams in Ohio, Texas, and Kansas is one of many accomplishments that will be difficult for anyone to ever duplicate.

Given the opportunity by his parents to remain at any high school he ever attended time and time again, Darling instead chose to support his military mother's career and go wherever the Army sent them.

Recently the Army released the list for Battalion Command and Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Darling was surprised to find herself one of the selections.

Along with this good news came a set of orders for Darling to leave Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and report to Fort Bragg, North Carolina no later than mid July 2014.

However, for the very the first time the orders will not include her youngest son Jordan Darling. He will be remaining behind at the University of Kansas where he is currently at the bottom of the depth chart on a team that is at the bottom of the Big 12 conference.

This might concern a lot of people but not Darling's father Bill who sees a common bond his son shares with Kansas football.

"Jordan reminds me a lot of Kansas football itself," Bill said. "It's at the bottom, not given much consideration or chance while facing several challenges to overcome on and off the field. Jordan is someone with tremendous potential and so much like his mother."

"A year ago my wife was less than a quarter of a mile from the finish line of the Boston marathon when a bomb stopped the race and she didn't finish," Darling continued. "For some reason she stopped or she would have been right in the middle of the explosion."

"My wife made herself a promise to cross the finish line this year."

"She caught a slight cold before the race and found herself very dehydrated at the halfway point where she refused to take an IV (she wouldn't have been allowed to finish the race). Instead she vomited, said a prayer, and finished Boston Strong 2014."

Completing her tenth marathon and being a highly respected decorated Army officer is just a few of her accomplishments in life. Being the mother to five boys is what she considers her greatest achievement in life and dearest to her heart.

This mother's day will find her traveling across the country for a week of military training in preparation for her newest assignment.

"I personally know firsthand how difficult it is to be away from people you love, especially on holidays," she shared. "Happy Mother's Day to military moms all over the world and thank you."

"Moving is never easy and without Jordan it's going to be even rougher," said mom. "Fortunately KU is a place that he loves and that makes me very happy. Still he's going to be missed very, very much."

Scout has covered this family through four moves, a Texas State title game, their first Division one offer and even war. It is very clear that there are certain things in life more important than the game of football and one of those things would be the bond and love that a family shares. Top Stories