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Viva Las Vegas 2

Thursday brought the first and second round of playoffs in Las Vegas. How did the Kansas targets fare? <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/premium.gif">

Keep in mind that the Big Time features over 400 teams playing in 15 high schools all around Las Vegas so you can't always get to all the kids that you would like to see.

I can verify that Bill Self was in the house to watch Oakland PG Quentin Thomas during his afternoon battle with Jordan Farmar. Also, after being a no show for the first two days of the tournament, Utica (NY) Proctor PG Josh Wright showed up to play with his Long Island Panthers mates and dropped a cool 27 points. Seeing him play for the first time in a while will be one of the highlights for me tomorrow.

I was able to check out a couple of other KU targets throughout my day, which was delayed as I wasted time and money replacing a cell phone that was stolen at Durango High on Wednesday.

Shane Foster - I said yesterday that I really like the way this young man plays the game and he only solidified those feelings on Thursday. He lets the game come to him and knows how to fill up every portion of a stat sheet. At 6-6 he has very long arms and knows how to use them to his advantage on both ends of the court and his skinny legs provide a ton of lift. After a few days of watching him, I feel pretty safe in saying that he will find his way into my post summer top 100, probably somewhere in the Top 60 to Top 75 range.

Luke Zeller (2005) - Here is a name that KU fans may or may not be familiar with at this point. Zeller is a well proportioned 6-10 BF/C from the thriving Metropolis of Washington, IN. The kid has some serious game and enough drawing power to attract representatives from staffs like Indiana, KU, Mizzou, Louisville, Iowa and a slew of other major programs. Why all the commotion? Zeller is a skilled player who can face the basket and shoot out to 15 feet. He already has three or four advanced post moves that he can go to and score with at any time with his back to the basket. He'll need to toughen up a little more and he didn't get a chance to show his whole arsenal due to his team being blown out. Still, he is a top 25 type and like Josh McRoberts will be courted by coaches from every major program in the country.

Kyle Lowry - Thursday was my first opportunity to get an extended look at this fiery and feisty Philly PG and I have mixed feelings. He is very strong and is absolutely fearless when it comes to attacking the basket. From North to South he is as tough as anybody in the high school ranks and is a blur up and down the court with a motor that doesn't stop. However, he doesn't shoot much from the perimeter and sometimes his temper can get the best of him and disrupt his floor game. Regardless, college coaches love his fire and gas tank that seems like it never empties.

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