Monk tries to narrow list

Marcus Monk was pleased with his summer on the circuit with the Arkansas Hawks. He goes back to school in mid-August and is still sifting through the recruiting process.

Marcus Monk isn't ready to say who is going to receive official visits at this point. He did, however, take note of who was in the stands the most at his games last month. Monk commented that he saw a lot of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas (no offer), Mississippi and Stanford (no offer).

Illinois, Connecticut, Vanderbilt, Boston College and Georgia Tech are also on his lengthy list.

"I'm talking to my mom about everything," Monk said. "We're trying to break it down to some schools."

Monk said that he really wasn't ready to say which schools would receive official visits. "I don't know which ones I'll visit right now because I play football. I know the schools that have been at all my games and I take note of that."

"Me and my mom, we're trying to narrow it down right now." Top Stories