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Catching up with Case

Jeremy Case is getting set to go on the trip of a lifetime. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/255_142/premium.gif">

This week he's packing his things and heading north from his home in the sooner state to play basketball in Lawrence for Bill Self and the Jayhawks. Case couldn't be more excited to join his new coach.

"I'm really impressed with him I like being around him. He's easy to talk to and has a lot of energy inside of him. I'm just ready to play for him and go to practice because I know he's going to make us better."

Case will suit up for Self wearing the number ten. The last Jayhawk to sport that jersey was another great guard from the midwest, Kirk Hinrich. Case says his love for the number dates back before Kirk's days at Kansas though.

"Well, in junior high I used to like Penny Hardaway so I wanted to wear number one, but it was too small so I thought about it and since my dad was number ten, I took that number and wore it all through high school."

It's been a good summer for a 6-0 McAlester High product. Case says spending his summer as a gym rat has been very productive.

"It's been good. I've been working really hard, trying to get better, being in the gym every day. Things are going really well."

And the weight room too?

"Yeah, I'm still hitting the weights. I'm getting a little stronger. I'm not getting any bigger, but I don't think I'm going to get that much bigger, but I'm going to be a lot stronger."

The highlight of Case's summer -- much like his fellow freshmen -- is the time he spent in Lawrence back in June. From camps to classes, pick-up games to hang-out time, it was all a blast for Jeremy.

"I had a great time having fun with the guys and getting to know everybody. It was really great."

In the short time he had with his new teammates, he walked a way with several great impressions of each guy.

"With Nick (Bahe) being a walk on, I really didn't know how well he could play and now I think he's a really good player. He's a great guy, a great friend. You can trust him and everything."

According to Case, the same is true about Omar Wilkes.

"Omar is a great guy and great friend. He's also a great player that's easy to get a long with. Being from LA he's kind of different from us because we're from Oklahoma and he's from a real big city."

Then there's his old AAU pal, JR Giddens, whom Case has known for a while now.

"I've known JR for the past couple of years. His athletiscm impresses me, and his confidence. As you know he has a lot of confidence. I like that in him."

Finally, Jeremy sees a little of his own personality in David Padgett.

"As for David, he's quiet kind of like me. He's fun to be around. I guess I could say he's outgoing but he doesn't really talk a lot."

While we're on the subject of not talking. A couple of weeks ago, Nick Bahe described Case as having "quiet confidence", Jeremy says his new teammate was right on with that description.

"Yeah, I don't really talk that much on the court or anything. I just let my game do the talking."

Let's hope Case's game does plenty of jabbering this fall at Kansas.

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