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Thomas: "When I think of Kansas..."

Quentin Thomas growing weary of the recruiting process, or enjoying the ride? Five schools in the race, three frontrunners and how Quentin sees the Jayhawks - more inside. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/media/site_logo/255_142/premium.gif">

Day after day, Quentin Thomas answers questions about his recruitment. What schools are recruiting you? Who is your leader? When are you going to decide? Fortunately for inquiring minds, Quentin has not yet grown tired of the recruiting process. "I still think its fun," said the 6-4 PG from his home in Oakland, CA. "I'm looking forward to my visits so I'll have a better idea of where I'll be comfortable."

Thomas indicates that he's considering Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona State, Utah, and Oregon. "Kansas, UNC, and Oregon have been recruiting me the longest, which shows they have real interest in me,' added Thomas. "I just want to find a place where I'll feel comfortable. My parents have been a great help throughout this process. They aren't pushing me in any direction really. They are just supporting me through the decision-making and making sure I'm considering the important things."

While the Pac-10 schools recruiting Thomas are closer to home than UNC and KU, that's not a huge issue for Quentin. "I think my mom would like me to stay closer to home, but she's not putting any pressure on me to do so. She wants me to find the school that's right for me."

Coach Williams had been recruiting Thomas to KU before he left for UNC, but that hasn't dampened his interest in the Jayhawks. "I've always liked KU. They win. Coach Self has a great record and I hear over and over again from others that he's a great coach. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better." And Coach Williams? "I don't know Coach Williams that well either. I'm just beginning to speak with these coaches though I've been in contact with the assistant coaches for some time now. I'm really honored when the head coach calls me." And a leader? "I don't have a leader at this time. I really need to take my visits before I decide on a leader. I'm really looking forward to it," commented Thomas.

Speaking of leaders, Thomas isn't ambivalent when it comes to his strengths on the court. "I'm a true point guard. I've got good ball handling ability and my court vision and leadership is certainly a strength. I really like to pass it off. I'm really working on my defensive game. I take it very seriously because good defensive creates instant offense. A good steal results in breakaways so you have to take your defensive game seriously."

Thomas is routinely ranked as one of the top point guards on the west coast, but rankings don't mean a whole lot to the young man. "Rankings are just a number, and they only represent one person's opinion. They often seem a little biased. Also, once you get to school, the rankings just go away. They don't indicate how well you will play once you get to college," explains Thomas.

Thomas is much more interested in discussing what's in his CD player. "Right now I'm listening to a little Tupac, and a little Jay-Z." Music is important to Quentin Thomas. Thomas intends to pursue a degree in business. "I'd really like to be in the management business either in the music industry or maybe in a clothing line," Thomas volunteers.

Where Quentin Thomas ends up attending college in pursuit of that business degree is a decision to be made in the future. For now, Thomas is more than happy to volunteer his thoughts on Jayhawk basketball, "When I think of Kansas, I think of final fours."

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