Mr. Robinson

Russ Robinson is the strong silent type. Well, not that silent, as he took time out of his schedule to update Kansas fans on what's happening with this high profile target of the Jayhawks' next recruiting class.

Spend a few minutes on the phone with Russell Robinson, and you’ll come away with a good idea of what this young man can bring to your university both on the court and in the classroom. Robinson is a soft-spoken yet confident young man who takes his recruitment seriously. “I can’t complain about the attention. It’s been fun. I didn’t quite expect it to be this heavy, but I’m enjoying it.”

Not this heavy? Several heavyweights in the world of collegiate basketball like Kansas, Kentucky and Uconn are making Russ Robinson a top priority. Thought by many to be the best pure scorer in the New York area, the 6’2 SG is pulling interest from programs all over the country and includes Florida State and Georgia Tech on his list along with the aforementioned three. “I’m very interested in making some visits to the campuses. I’m going to visit KU, Kentucky and Ga Tech for sure.” While the date is still unofficial, Robinson is eyeing a September 27th visit to Kansas.

Robinson began hearing from Coach Self when he was still at Illinois. When Self made the jump to Kansas, Robinson’s interest followed. “I really like Coach Self. He’s a player’s coach. He’s young and can relate to the younger players. I really like him.” While the coach is important, the deciding factor for Robinson may lie elsewhere. “I’m really looking at the team and how I can fit in and can contribute” Robinson explains. “I’m not afraid of going away from home for school. Distance is not really a factor.”

Russell Robinson Sr. has been watching his son’s recruitment with interest. “It’s been fun, perhaps a little overbearing at time, but it’s always been interesting. There’s a little pressure on these kids, but I’m very proud of Russell. I never thought it would be this big” explains Robinson Sr. “He’s a very good student also and I like to point that out.”

Robinson enjoyed the summer circuit though he may have been a bit worn out by the schedule. “I played everywhere and it was a good experience” said Robinson. “I keep an eye on the rankings. I want to know where I am. I’m not satisfied unless I’m improving.”

Robinson attended the prestigious Nike Camp this summer, and though playing with a hurt wrist played pretty well. The player that may have impressed him most at Nike was his good friend AJ Price. “We are close friends, AJ played really well at Nike.” While Robinson and Price have talked about playing together in college, both understand the realities of college recruiting. “Kansas has told me that they are looking for one guard” says Robinson.

With a strong family supporting him, Russ Robinson has a great deal to look forward to as he continues the journey of his college recruitment. Top Stories